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Thomas Graham Fenton
Thomas Graham Fenton
Published On: 22nd July 1976
Died: 22nd July 1977 Officer Fenton was a member of the Northern Ireland Prison Service from October 1976 until 22 July 1977 when he was shot dead by the IRA while having a drink in Molloys bar. Ballymoney. Co Antrim he was off duty when he was murdered.
Stones on Memorial Wall,Palace Barracks
Stones on Memorial Wall,Palace Barracks
Published On: 22nd July 2013
These are just some of the polished granite memorials stones which are to be seen on the memorial wall in the Palace Barracks Memorial Garden in Northern Ireland. They are dedicated to the individual Regiments and Corps who served in the Palace Barracks and lost their lives in Northern Ireland and later on in Operations around the World while stationed Continue Reading
Cpl Brian Criddle BEM
Cpl Brian Criddle BEM
Published On: 22nd July 1973
  Died: July 22 1973 Killed by a bomb near Clogher in Co Tyrone, He was attached to the Royal Tank Regiment when he was killed, He had been awarded the BEM for his service in Ulster. His dog survived the Blast. Died four days after being injured in land mine attack.