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15th June 2007 Thursday, 9.30am - A Grantham soldier died after being swept away by flood waters near Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. Seventeen-year-old Pte Andrew Borkertas, of Dudley Road, fell into the swollen Risedale Beck, Hipswell Moor, on Friday. His body was found the following day after an intensive search by police, RAF and International Rescue Corps.

Pte Andrew Borkertas

His platoon was attempting to cross the beck in what was described as a routine exercise.

Andrew, You were a great mate during and after school, I remember seeing you a few weeks ago and all you spoke about was the Army. All I can remember was how happy, joyful and energetic you were. We'll never ever forget you, All the Best mate from Curry and Nick. I am the Mum of one of the soldiers with you on that fateful morning. He described you as "Just like any other lad living his dream" I would like to send truly heartfelt sympathy to your family, friends and all the young soldiers you were training with. God bless you brave young soldier x  To action man Andy, always remember you ringing me from the army camp and hearing all the lads fighting in the back-ground. Looks like we will have to postpone the meal you were going to take me for when you get back, well you can take me when i see you again. Cant wait till then to se you again. i miss you love you lots xxx Marie RIP Pte Borkertas, A Great loss to all who knew him, we never did, But still our thoughts are with your family, friends & comrades. It really wasn't your time to join the Regiment in the heavens. You was taken to soon, you had so much to give. Be proud of what you have achieved where so many didn't get as far. Family & friends take comfort from each other & remember the good times. Sleep well Brave Soldier. Thinking of you all from a Family who's son is in the Army College Harrogate x

Thursday 4pm - A military funeral for Grantham soldier Pte Andrew Borkertas took place at St Wulfram's Church.

To Andrew i was in Queens One i remember talking to you when first started and every time i saw you because i think you were injured when i was injured so we got talking GOD BLESS YOU. Toby Cain (Pte) Andy i can't believe you have been taken away from us. You have left so many people who love you. You had a heart of gold and a smile that would light up the sky. You will be the brightest star in the sky. Goodnight sweetheart R. I. P . All our love Theresa Joshua and Ellie-Mae XXXXXX you are a brave young man for getting that far, even knowing what could lie ahead. i know i don't know you but i still feel for your friends and family very much so. xx R.I.P baby.. u were a star and will b missed by so many people! love you from Sophie xxx to dear Andy i only known you for 3 yrs but in them 3 yrs we had some good laughs it was your dream to be a soldier you done so well in the army mate why did your dream have to take you from us ... sleep tight mate your in a safe place now. R.I.P. mate all my love shorty xxx RIP Andy! Miss you babe Your never going to be forgotten you mean the world to so many people! Your in a safe place now ... Love you forever babe xxxHayleyxxx

Private Sean Tait of The Royal Regiment of Scotland, aged 17 and from Castlemilk in Glasgow, died on Friday 10 August 2007 from injuries that he had sustained in a Puma helicopter accident near Catterick two days before.

Private Tait was enlisted into the Army on 3 July 2007 and commenced recruit training at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick on 13 July 2007. He was due to join The Royal Regiment of Scotland (Birth of a new Scottish super-regiment ) and was being trained in the Royal Regiment of Scotland Company of the 1st Infantry Training Battalion.  Private Tait was on a night exercise on Wednesday 8 August 2007 when he was severely injured in a helicopter accident in which two RAF personnel also died. He died of his injuries in hospital on 10 August 2007.

A full investigation into the circumstances surrounding this tragedy is currently being conducted by both the civil police and the military authorities. Private Taitís platoon commander, Captain Rob Earle, of The Royal Regiment of Scotland, described him as: "A recruit who was progressing well with his training and growing in professional confidence. Sean was a positive and well liked member of Assaye Platoon. He never lost his Glasgow sense of humour as he adapted to Army life; a quality that served him well on the Combat Infantrymanís Course. He will be sorely missed by all in his Platoon." His Company Commander, Major Neil Wright, of The Royal Regiment of Scotland, remembers Private Tait as: "A committed and enthusiastic young recruit who had made a really good start with his training on the Combat Infantrymanís Course. His loss has been a real blow not only to his Platoon but also to the Company as a whole. We have lost a real friend and professional colleague." Private Taitís Commanding Officer, Lt Col Mike Thornton, of The Rifles, described him as: "A young man who had made a real impact in his short time with Assaye Platoon. His sharp sense of humour and gritty approach to Infantry training are just the qualities we need from todayís young infantry soldier; he had a bright future.  "Whilst his loss has been a hard blow to all of us here at the 1st ITB, it pales into insignificance when compared to the loss that his family must now contend with. Our thoughts and prayers are very much with them and his loved ones at this difficult time."