2 (Training) Regiment Army Air Corps



Lt Mark Reynolds and WO2 Vince Hussell were both killed in a helicopter training accident on Thursday 29 May 2008.   Lieutenant Reynolds was a student and Warrant Officer Hussell was his instructor on the Army Pilotsí Course at Middle Wallop. They were flying on the final exercise of the course, that takes place in the South West of England. During one of their training sorties their aircraft crashed.  Their deaths come as an incredible shock to his friends and colleagues, and they will be deeply missed by their comrades at Middle Wallop and the wider Army Air Corps. Lt Mark Reynolds was 24 years old and from Aslockton near Nottingham. He attended Ampleforth College where he was Head of School and graduated from the University of Durham where had studied Engineering.  On graduation from RMAS he completed an attachment to the 1st Queens Dragoon Guards as a Troop Leader, which included an Operational tour in Iraq on Op TELIC 8. He had keen sporting interests in Rugby, Tennis and Skiing.

Lt Col Mike Cubbin, Commanding Officer 2 Regiment Army Air Corps, said:  "Lieutenant Mark Reynolds was a bright and charming officer with a promising future. He was known for his dry wit, he kept the crew room entertained with his banter. "He had been doing particularly well on this phase of his training and was looking forward to gaining his Army Pilots Wings, before converting onto the Gazelle helicopter. His long term ambition was to fly the Apache Attack Helicopter. "He will be missed dearly and our thoughts are with his friends and family." Lieutenant Reynolds family have release the following statement: "We are all hugely proud of Mark; of the person he was and of everything he accomplished. We are absolutely devastated at his sudden death and can only take solace in the fact that he died doing exactly what he wanted to do, in achieving his boyhood dream as a pilot in the Army Air Corps.  "We are grateful for all the support and kind words we have received from family and friends and respectfully ask for peace and quiet to come to terms with this tragic loss of someone so dear to us."

[ Warrant Officer Vince Hussell  ]

Warrant Officer Vince Hussell was a veteran pilot with over 2,000 hours experience. He was from Marton-le-Moor near Ripon. He was 36 years old and married with three sons. He enlisted in 1989 and joined the Army Air Corps. He gained his Army Pilotsí Wings on 11 Dec 1998 as a Corporal and gained his first operational experience in Northern Ireland. He had served in Germany and UK and recently joined the Regiment as a Helicopter Instructor following two successful operational flying tours in Afghanistan where he flew the Apache Attack Helicopter. A keen footballer he gave up much of his free time at weekends training his local Under 8 year old football team.  Lt Col Mike Cubbin, Commanding Officer 2 Regiment Army Air Corps, said: "We have sadly lost a great pilot. Vince was a quiet, private man who lived for his family, he was affectionately known as 'Happy Vince' to his colleagues in the Sergeantsí Mess. "Recently promoted to Warrant Officer, he was a popular member of the team and we will miss him greatly. Our thoughts are with his friends and family."

WO2 Hussellís widow, Liz Hussell said: "This tragedy has come as a deep shock and devastating blow not only to us, his family, but to his wider family and friends. Vince was a loving husband and father devoted to his family."