This page is dedicated to those who paid the ultimate price in the name of their Corps and Country.

Marine Graham Cox Aged 19. 29th April 1973 Shot by a sniper while on mobile patrol in New Lodge, Belfast.

Marine John Macklin Aged 28. 28th March 1974 Died seven days after being shot while on mobile patrol in the Antrim Road area of Belfast.

Cpl Robert Miller Aged 22. 17th August 1978 Killed by a remote controlled bomb, which was hidden in a parked car and detonated when the foot patrol passed by in the small border town of Forkhill in County Armagh.

Marine Gary Wheddon Aged 19. 12th November 1978 Died four days after being injured by a remote control bomb which was attached to a gate, in Crossmaglen, County Armagh. The bomb was detonated as the foot patrol he was part of passed the gate.

Marine Adam Gilbert Aged 21. 15th June 1989 Killed New Lodge Area, Belfast.