Army Catering Corps


Pte Roger john Kealey Born 20.07.1949 Died in Tragic Shooting accident 8 June 1972 Army Catering Corps.

Sgt Peter Girvan Born 04.09.1941 Died in a Road Traffic Accident 12 February 1977 Army Catering Corps.

LCpl Barry Michael Hylton Born 01.04.1952 Shot dead in a Tragic shooting accident 12 November 1977 Army Catering Corps.

Pte Geoffrey Davis 11.08.1959 Died in a Tragic Incident 18 July 1979 Army Catering Corps.

Pte Terence M. Adam Aged 20

Army Catering Corps. Killed in a INLA bomb attack on the Droppin Well Public House in Ballykelly. 11 soldiers and 6 civilians were killed in this atrocity on the 6th December 1982.

Pte Paul Joseph Delaney Aged 18. Army Catering Corps. Killed in the same attack as Pte T. Adam at the Droppin Well Public House, Ballykelly on 6th December 1982

Pte John Mayer ... Born 26.05.1962 Died in a Road Traffic Accident 19.March 1983 Army Catering Corps.

Pte Richard R. Biddle Aged 20.  Army Catering Corps. Killed by an IRA device left under his car as it sat in the car park of the Royal Arms Hotel, Omagh, on the 9th April 1983. He was off duty at the time of his death