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Within a circle the Cypher and Coronet of Princess Louise. To the left a boar's head, the crest of the Argylls, and to the right a cat, the badge of the Sutherlands. All within a wreath of thistles.

10.09.1972 L/Cpl Duncan McPhee. Aged 21 (A. Coy) From Paisley. (Single). Killed in a massive landmine attack on the Armoured Personnel Carrier along with one of his comrades Pte Richmond and a Pte McIntyre who was attached from the Queens Own Highlanders, as they travelled on the road near Dungannon, Co Tyrone.

10.09.1972 Pte Douglas Richmond. Aged 21 (A. Coy) From Clydebank (Single) Killed in the same incident as above. Near Dungannon, Co Tyrone.

22.09.1972 2nd Lt Stewart Gardiner. Aged 23 (B. Coy) (Single) Shot by a sniper when investigating wires at the Border, Drumuckaval, Armagh. He was talking to Gardai Police officers when he was shot from across the border.

[ 2nd Lt Stewart Gardiner ]

12.11.1972 Pte D. Harper. Aged 18 (D. Coy) (Single) While on sentry duty near a railway line he wandered to close to the line and was struck by a passing train and was killed.

20.11.1972 Capt William Watson. Aged 28 (B. Coy) From Edinburgh (Married) killed by a booby trap bomb in a derelict farmhouse near Cullyhanna, Armagh with one of his men C/Sgt Struthers. At the time of his death his wife was expecting their second child.

[ Capt William Watson ]

[ C/Sgt James Struthers. ]

20.11.1972 C/Sgt James Struthers. Aged 31 (B. Coy) (Married) Killed along with Capt Watson in the same incident.

[ C/Sgt James Struthers. ]

28.11.1972 Pte J. McGarry. Aged 20 (D. Coy). Killed in a tragic shooting accident.

20.08.1979 Pte D. McKelvie. Aged 20 (Attached to 1 Gordon Highlanders) Killed in a Road Traffic Accident while on Patrol with the 1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders. Always in my thoughts, his Sister Barbara McKelvie 

11.11.1980 Cpl Owen McQuade. Aged 31 (HQ. Coy) From Glasgow. (Married) Shot dead as he waited for a colleague in a unmarked army car at the Altnagevin Hospital car park, in Londonderry. His colleague was visiting his wife who was in the maternity wing awaiting birth of their child.


08.01.1998 Cpl S. Marshall. (B. Coy) While on mobile patrol in the South Armagh Area their vehicle was involved in an accident with an articulated lorry, Cpl Marshall and two of his colleagues were killed instantly.

08.01.1998 Pte S. Craw. (B. Coy) While on mobile patrol in the South Armagh area, killed in the above accident with two of his colleagues.

08.01.1998 Pte W. Brown. (B. Coy) While on mobile patrol in the South Armagh area, killed in the above accident with two of his colleagues.