[ Corporal Ian Holt (REME) ]

[ Corporal Ian Holt (REME) ]

Corporal Ian Holt (REME) Ian died in a shooting accident in 1991 while he was serving in Belize, he was in the REME and at the time was attached to the 3 RHA at Colchester when they went on a five month tour of duty. Ian enlisted in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) on 14th December 1982. After basic training, he went on to complete twelve months trade training (as a gun fitter) before moving with his wife to his first post with 48 Command Workshop, Cyprus. Returning home from Cyprus he served with P&EE, Shoeburyness where his daughter (Lisa) was born in 1986, and then he moved on to the Scots Dragoon Guards in Fallingbostel, Germany. He arrived in Colchester in January 1990 and served for a short time with 45 Field Regiment Workshop before joining 'D' Battery 3rd Royal Horse Artillery Workshop in March 1990. It was on September 23rd 1991 while he was attached to 'D' Battery 3rd RHA and on tour in Belize that he died. Ian had reached the rank of Corporal and his full intention was to sign on for the full term of twenty two years in December that year. He was also shortly due to attempt Artificer selection and it was hoped he would succeed and realise his greatest ambition. With only approximately five weeks left to serve in Belize Ian's family were informed of his untimely death.

A photo taken in Germany with his daughter (Lisa) when he was stationed at Fallingbostel in Germany.

[ Ian & Lisa ]

This website (Daniels Trust Xtra) has been set up in memory of my son Corporal Ian Holt of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers who lost his life while serving with the British Army in Belize in September 1991, and also in memory of all the other young forces personnel who have lost their lives in non-combat situations in barracks at home and overseas. The aim of the web site is to run alongside the Daniels Trust web site, offering help and support to families who have suffered a non-combat death, and to show them there are others who understand and empathise with their plight so they know they do not stand alone. After campaigning for 5 years the group have gained a wealth of information and we are willing to share our knowledge and experience helping others ... please click here