Ex Ulster Defence Regiment Soldiers Killed in Northern Ireland


Mr Daniel J Mc Cormick A Catholic who had resigned from the UDR was murdered by the IRA while waiting with a workmate to collect a third workmate. 10 Dec 1971 Mr Isaac Scott Aged 41. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA in Belleek, Newtownhamilton Co Armagh.on the 10th July 1973 Mr Ivan Vennard Aged 32. Ex UDR. shot dead by the IRA while on his postal round delivering mail at Kilwilkie, Lurgan, Co Armagh on the 3rd October 1973  Lieutenant Colonel George Saunderson Aged 58. Ex UDR. George Walter Saunderson, was shot dead by the IRA on 10th April 1974 in the Earl of Erne Primary School in Teemore, County Fermanagh. He (Lieutenant Colonel Saunderson) earned his rank through many years service in the British Army. At the time of his death he was officially retired for about a year, but was previously second in command of 4 UDR and during the Second World War he served in the Parachute Regiment. (Many thanks to a member of his family for this update). Mr Brian Shaw Aged 21. Ex British Army. He was living in Northern Ireland after marrying a local women He was found shot dead in a derelict house in Arundel Street off the Grosvenor. Road ,Belfast on the 20th July 1974

Mr William Hutchinson  Worked for the DOE traffic division was shot by the IRA while carrying out a traffic census count. 24 Aug 1974 Mr George McCall Aged 22. Ex UDR. Shot dead while walking near his home in Moy Co Tyrone on the 2nd August 1975.

Mr Kenneth Worton 1 of 10 men murdered in the Kingsmills Massacre, when a group calling itself the Republican Action Force (thought to be the IRA) stopped the minibus containing the men returning from work and opened fire. 5 Jan 1976

Mr Nicolas White Aged 34. Ex British Army. Shot dead while employed as a youth worker at a youth club in the Ardoyne in Belfast on the 13th March 1976. Mr Sidney McAvoy Aged 50. Ex UDR. Shot dead in his shop the Old wheel stones in Dunmurry Lane , Dunmurry on the 12th June 1976. Mr John Freeburn Aged 30. Ex UDR. Shot dead in a club in Lurgan ,Co Armagh on the 28th June 1976.

Mr Norman Campbell RUC officer was shot while closing a traffic barrier in Portadown, formerly a UDR soldier. 15 Dec 1976

Mr Robert Harrison RUCR when murdered by the IRA in Gilford, Co Down after following of a device in a shop in the town. 5 Feb 1977 Mr John Lee Aged 35. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA at the Crumlin Star Social Club in the Ardoyne area of Belfast on the 27th February 1977. Mr James Green Aged 22. Ex British Army. Shot dead by the IRA as he was working as a Taxi driver and went to pick up a fare In the Glen Road in Andersontown West Belfast on the 5th May 1977. Mr Gilbert Johnston Aged 25. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA outside his shop in Keady, Co Armagh on the 19th August 1978. Mr Michael Riley Aged 31. Ex UDR. Shot by the IRA at his home in Denmark Street in the Shankhill Road area of Belfast, He died two months later in Hospital on the 19th August 1978.

Mr Robert Lochart RUCR when murdered in a Land Rover by an IRA vehicle bomb Camlough. 17 April 1979

Mr Jack McClenaghan Aged 64. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA as he was delivering bread on his bread round in Garrison ,Co Fermanagh on the 19th May 1979. Mr David Stanley Wray Age 50 20 May 1979 - Londonderry City (Seven Tree Road) - Married with two children - Fibre operator (Du Pont) Shot by the IRA as he got out of his car on his way to Claremont Presbyterian Church on the Northland Road. The murder took place in front of his teenage son and daughter. He was hit in the back when at least two gunmen opened fire. He had survived an earlier attack in 1976 when he was hit in the chest. The funeral took place at Glendermott Presbytreian Church where Stanley had been married. Three men from the City received life sentences for the murder. A fourth escaped a life sentence because he was under age at the time of the killing. The wife of Stanley Wray was one of five security force widows who were the subject of an hour-long documentary on American television in 1981. Stanley Wray was a serving member of the RUCR when he was murdered.

Mr David Alan Dunne RUCR when murdered by the INLA while standing talking to a friend outside his home in Armagh. 2 June 1979

Mr George Hawthorne Aged 37. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA as he drove his car into the car park in Newry,co Armagh on the 5th October 1979. Mr James Fowler Aged 40. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA as he drove his mobile fish and chips van in Omagh , Co Tyrone on the 16th December 1979. Mr Clifford Lundy Aged 62. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA in his workplace in Kingsmills near Bessbrook , Co Armagh on the 2nd January 1980.

Mr Henry Livingstone Aged 38. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA as he worked on his farmnear Tynan, Co Armagh on the 6th March 1980. Mr Victor Morrow Aged 61. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA near his home in Newtownbutler , Co Fermanagh on the 17th April 1980.

Mr John Eagleson RUCR when murdered by an IRA gunman while John rode his motorbike to work. 1 Oct 1982 Mr William Elliot Aged 48. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA as he attended a cattle mart in Ballybay in Co Monaghan on the 28th June 1980. Mr John Robinson Aged 38. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA as he drove his firms van in Mulcreevie Park in Armagh on the 23rd April 1981. Mr Pte John Proctor Age 25 14 September 1981 - Upperlands (South Londonderry) - Married with two children Shot by the IRA in the car park of The Mid-Ulster Hospital in Magherafelt. He had just finished visiting his wife and their newborn baby boy. Earlier that day he had served as a pall bearer at the funeral of his friend and neighbour Pte Alan Clarke (UDR) who was also murdered by the IRA. John’s wife named their son after her husband, saying: ‘He will have something to look up to.’ The following month an open-air service in memory of the two friends was held in the village of Upperlands by the Royal Black Preceptory. John was a serving member of the RUCR when he was murdered.

Mr Hector Hall Aged 22. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA outside the Altnagelvin Hospital in Londonderry on the 5th October 1981. Mr Charles Neville Aged 56. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA as he left his workplace in the Loughgall Road area of Co Armagh on the 10th November 1981. Mr James McClintock Aged 57. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA while on his way home from work in Newbuildings in Londonderry on the 18th November 1981. Mr Norman Hanna Aged 28. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA out side his workplace at the DOE Office in Newry, Co Down on the 11th March 1982. Mr Thomas Cunningham Aged 23. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA while working on a house in Strabane,Co Tyrone on the 12th May 1982. Mr Wilfred McIlveen Aged 37. Ex UDR. Killed by a booby trapped bomb which had been placed under his car by the IRA while he was inside the Milford Everton Social Club near Armagh on the 27thAugust 1982.

Mr Charles Crothers Age 54 5 October 1982 - Londonderry City (Bann Drive) - Married with four children - Security Guard Shot by the IRA while on the gate of the Western HQ of the Water Services at Altnagelvin. He was attacked as he opened a security gate at the premises. A red Ford Cortina pulled up in front of the gate and two men wearing blue parka jackets and carrying guns got out. They fired over the car hitting their victim who fell to the ground. One of the gunmen walked over to the victim as he lay on the ground and fired three more shots into his body. The car used in the attack had been hijacked in the waterside and was later abandoned at Drumahoe a mile away. He was a member of the Orange Order and in 1985, a plaque in his memory was unveiled at Bawn Orange hall, Pomeroy, Co Tyrone. Charles was a member of the RUCR when he was murdered.

Mr Robert Irwin and Mr Snowden Corkey. RUCR when murdered with Snowden Corkey - RUCR when murdered by the INLA in a hail of bullets while both men stood at the security gates in Markethill. 16 Nov 1982 Mr James Gibson Aged 50. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA while driving the school bus near Coalisland in Co Tyrone on the 2nd December 1982. Mr John Truckle Aged 61. Ex UDR. Killed by a booby trapped bomb which had been placed by the IRA under his car outside his home in Portadown Co Armagh,on the 20th September 1983. Mr Ronald Funston Aged 28. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA at his farm near Pettigoe,Co Fermanagh on the  13th March 1984. Mr Hugh Gallagher Aged 26. Ex UDR. Working as a taxi driver, he was lured by the IRA with a bogus call to Factory Road near Omagh Co Tyrone where he was shot dead on the 3rd June 1984. Mr Melvin Simpson Aged 40. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA while working at a building site in Ann Street,Dungannon,Co Tyrone on the 8th October 1984. Mr Douglas McElhinney Aged 42. Ex UDR. Shot dead by INLA while outside a friends house in Glenvale Road,Londonderry on the 25th February 1985.

Mr Geoffrey Campbell RUCR when murdered as above and had only joined the force a month earlier.

Mr David Peter Topping RUC when murdered with 8 other RUC officers when the IRA mortared their Newry station. 28 Feb 1985 Mr Herbet McConville Aged 61. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA while delivering meat in Newry,Co Down on the 15th May 1986.

Mr H Henry Age 52 21 April 1987 - Magherafelt (Ballymilligan Road) - Married with 6 children - Building foreman Shot by the IRA at his home outside Magherafelt. He was watching television when there was a knock at the front door. He opened the door and a man told him we want, ‘We want the keys of your car.’ When he refused, the man produced a hand gun. He pushed the man away and there was a struggle. Four masked men, carrying rifles, then appeared. They again demanded the keys and he went into the house to get them, followed by one of the men. They then told Harry Henry to go and start the car but he said he had no shoes on. One of the men replied, ‘You’ll not need them where you are going.’ They ordered his wife to remain inside, taking her husband out, and shortly afterwards she heard a burst of gunfire and saw her car being driven away towards the Loop. She ran out to find her husbands body. He had been shot four times in the head from close range. The gun used by the killers was taken from the body of Reserve Constable William Clements. The IRA said that Harry Henry was killed because a firm owned by his brother carried out work for the security forces. On a previous occasion Harry Henry had been held by armed men who ordered him to drive a van containing a bomb to the RUC station at Coagh, but the plan went wrong and the men made off. A number of other Henry Brothers’ workers have been murdered. In June 1994, the firm’s owner was awarded a CBE in the Queen’s birthday honours. Harry Henry was a member of the Ballymoughan Orange Lodge. Mr Charles Watson Aged 35. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA at while at his home in Clough, Co Down on the 22nd May 1987. Mr Nathaniel Cush Aged 47. Ex UDR. Killed by a booby trapped bomb which had been placed under his car by the IRA outside his place of work in Tomb Street in Belfast on the 15th June 1987.

Mr Winston G Finlay Age 44 30 August 1987 - Ballyronan, Co Tyrone - Married Shot in front of his wife as he arrived at his home in Ballyronan. He and his wife returned to their home at around 10.30p.m. after visiting relatives. The gunmen opened fire as he got out of the car to open the garage door to allow his wife to drive in. There was several bangs and his wife saw him fall to the ground. She thought he was crouching down taking cover, but when she got out of the car she found him lying dead. He had previously been a fulltime UDR soldier serving in the Intelligence Cell in Magherafelt, South Londonderry and had also served in the RAF for 14 years. Winston Finlay was a member of the Ballyronan Orange Lodge. In August 1991, his brother Ronnie Finlay, a former UDR soldier, was shot dead by the IRA in Castlederg. Winston was a serving member of the RUCR when he was murdered.

Mr William Hassard Aged 60. was murdered by the IRA on the 4th August 1988. along with his friend, Mr Frederick Love Aged 64 He was shot dead shortly after driving out of Belleek Royal Ulster Constabulary & British Army (BA) base, County Fermanagh. At the time of his murder he was a civilian contractor who was married with four children and did occasional work at the S/F bases in Northern Ireland. Mr Hassard also served as a part time soldier in the 4th Battalion The Ulster Defence Regiment in the seventies and early eighties.

[ Mr William Hassard ]

Mr Leslie Dallas Aged 38 Ex 8 UDR. Shot dead by the IRA at his garage in Hanover Square, Coagh. County Tyrone on 7th March 1989. Also killed was Mr Ernest Rankin Aged 72 a Protestant Civilian and Mr Austin Nelson also a protestant Civilian Aged 62 who was married with 4 Children. Mr Rankin and Nelson had no associations or served with the Security Forces, They just happened to be visiting a friend at the wrong time when they were murdered.

Mr John Griffiths Nursing Officer for the Prison Service when he was murdered by an IRA under car bomb placed on his car. 4 May 1989

Mr Robert J Glover Age 37 15 November 1989 - Moneymore, Co Londonderry - Married with 3 children - Contractor Blown up by an IRA UVBT. He was killed when a bomb placed under his car exploded at Hodge’s Hill on the Ballygawly to Dungannon road. The force of the explosion blew his Audi car through a wire fence and into a field where it burst into flames. He had driven 20 miles before the bomb was triggered by driving over a ramp. The IRA said he was a member of a contracting firm which had been supplying material to the security forces. Robert Glover had been involved in raising money for charities, particularly the BBC’s Children in Need appeals. His mother Eileen was interviewed for a Thames Television This Week programme which was broadcast on 28 June 1990. She said: ‘They put Semtex under his side of the car and that went up, and the car went on fire and there was a massive explosion. You know, I’ve had deaths in the family but there was always something there, there was a body and that was very final, but we never saw Robert. They brought his coffin home and they said, “This is Robert’s remains,” I think that was really the heart rendering thing, that we never even saw him to say goodbye to.’ His uncle William McCutcheon, a UDR soldier from Moneymore, was shot dead by the IRA in 1976 at his work in Castledawson. 

Mr David Sterritt RUCR when murdered with 3 other RUC officers & a nun on the Killylea Road, Armagh by an IRA landmine. 24 July 1990 Mr David Pollock Aged 30. Ex UDR. Shot dead by an IRA sniper as he drove his car home from his work along the Melmount Road in Strabane, Co Tyrone on the 20th October 1990.

Mr Norman Kendall Murdered by the IRA with others at Castor Bay, Lurgan while out shooting. It became known as the Wildfowlers Murders. 10 Nov 1990

Mr Hubert Gilmore Aged 49. Ex UDR. Shot dead at the site of his new home by the IRA near Kilrea. Co Londonderry on the 1st December 1990. Mr Eric Boyd Aged 42. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA after leaving his work place on the Altmore Road, Cappagh, Co Tyrone on the 5th August 1991. Mr Ronald Finlay Aged 47. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA at his place of work in Sion Mills,Co Tyrone on the 15th August.1991. Mr David Martin Aged 33.  Ex UDR. killed by a booby trapped bomb which had been placed on his car by the IRA at the Flo Road Kildress, Co Tyrone on the 25th April 1993. Mr John Lyness Aged 57.  Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA outside his home in Lurgan ,Co Armagh on the 24th June 1993. Mr John Alexander Burns Age 54 30 October 1993 - Eglington (St Canice’s Park) - Married with 3 children Shot dead by the UFF while his wife was shot and badly wounded in the attack. He was one of seven people killed when two UFF gunmen opened fire in the Rising sun lounge and restaurant at Greysteel in retaliation for the IRA’s Shankill Road bombing. An eighth person died later, he was an ex member of the B Special’s. A witness said: ‘he was on his way to the toilet when they arrived. They came in through the door and shouted “Trick or treat,” he started to laugh and shout, but then he was hit in the stomach. He was in a very bad way. John was lying there and he told me everything would be all right and told me to look after his daughter and make sure she was okay. I bent down and kissed him on the head and told him he was going to be all right, but I knew he was dying because he was so cold. It was awful.’ John’s sons were aged 19 and 16 and his daughter was 14 at the time of the Murder. Mr Alan Smyth Age 40 25 April 1994 - Aghadowey (Mullaghinch Road) - Single - Builder Shot by the IRA as he sat in his car. He and his friend John McCloy were sitting chatting in their cars at Main Street Garvagh just before 6.30 p.m. One gunman got out of another car and fired around 30 shots. Two nurses who lived nearby tried to help the men, but john McCloy died instantly, and Alan Smyth a short time later. The hijacked Vauxhall Cavalier was found burnt out about two miles away. Alan had survived two previous attempts on his life. While he was in the UDR a bomb planted under his car fell off. On St Patrick’s Day 1993, a works van exploded just after he and another man got out of it. In December 1995 a Maghera man was sentenced to 25 years for the killings and other offences.

Mr Eric Smyth Aged 40. Ex UDR. Shot dead by the IRA outside his home in Co Armagh on the 28th April 1994. Mr David Caldwell Age 51 1 August 2002 - Kilnappy Eglington - Divorced with 4 children - Construction worker Blown up by the Real IRA. He was part of a construction crew working in the Territorial Army Base at Caw Camp on the Limavady road, Londonderry. He was killed when he picked up a bobby trapped lunch box packed with explosives. The gang used wire cutters to break through a perimeter fence of the base on the Limavady Road where they planted the device. In a phone call to the Derry Journal newspaper, accompanied by a recognised codeword, the Real IRA claimed it planted the booby-trapped device. The rogue republican paramilitaries who murdered 29 people including a woman pregnant with twins in the 1998 Omagh outrage said its Londonderry Brigade was responsible for the ``execution`` of Mr Caldwell. Eight people were arrested and questioned by detectives investigating the murder. All were released without charge. Inspector Paul said: ``We believe we have an accurate intelligence picture of the group of people involved in carrying out the murder but we can’t go to court with intelligence alone. We need firm evidence. ``I’m fairly sure we know the group of people involved. `` The detective said the members of the gang could have carried out other attacks since the murder. ``I have no doubt that they are committed members of a terrorist organisation and could be involved in other terrorist crimes.`` Inspector Paul added: ``We believe David was not the specific target, this device was left for the first person who picked it up and it could have killed any of the mixed work force. ``He was a decent hardworking man respected by his employers and a totally innocent victim of an organisation who have no role in a civilised society. `` Several hundred people walked from the camp to the City’s Guildhall Square in protest at the killing. The rally, which has been organised by Derry Trades Union Council, was beginning at 1pm at the Territorial Army base where Mr Caldwell died. Workers were marching to Guildhall Square via the Craigavon Bridge to listen to speeches condemning violence. Derry Mayor Kathleen McCloskey urged trade unionists, local workers and community and voluntary organisations to show their revulsion at the murder of Mr Caldwell and support the event. Describing the murder as a ``cowardly and despicable act of violence`` the SDLP mayor said she was horrified that Mr Caldwell had been killed while working for the benefit of his family. ``I condemn without reservation those responsible for this explosion. All law-abiding people should condemn this act of violence. ``It is important that as many people come along today and unite against those responsible for these savage attacks, `` she said. Mr Caldwell, a 51-year-old father of four, was buried at Ballyowen Cemetery after a funeral service at Gortnessy Presbyterian Church at Drumahoe, a few miles from Londonderry. The Rev Jim Gray, speaking at the service, said the brutal murder would strengthen the resolve the community to resist terrorism. He said the attack would not help further the cause of those responsible. ``It will only harden a determination to resist the violent overthrow of society. There has been too much suffering in our country, too many families grieving, `` he said. Calling on the community to help catch those responsible, Mr Gray appealed to loyalists for no retaliation. Rev Gray described Mr Caldwell as a decent man whose concern was for his immediate family and his elderly mother. ``He was a quiet man, respected in the community, who was taken from his family in a violent way. Mr Caldwell`s murder was condemned by the Catholic Bishop of Derry, Dr Seamus Hegarty, who said it had sent shockwaves across the community. ``This has sent reverberations all over the city. Everybody feels under attack and under siege as a result of this because it strikes nerves which are rather raw at the moment. ``