Gutersloh, West Germany Gunner Kenneth John Laga

Gunner Kenneth John Laga, 26 Regiment, Royal Artillery Aged 22 Died on 31st August 2005.when the Land rover he was a passenger in crashed in Germany. Three young soldiers died instantly at the roadside, all were resuscitated at the scene. Sadly all later died in Hospital.

Gunner Kenneth Laga died five hours later in hospital. Gunner Kenneth Laga’s Mother Elaine said:

Kenneth joined his local TA in 2001 and served four years, with the Worcester and Sherwood Foresters. In November 2003 they deployed to Iraq on Op Telic 3, where he spent six months. This tour gave him the desire to join the Regular Army. Ironically he could not have his first or second choice of career as during the medical it was discovered that he had a degree of colour blindness, He then enlisted into the Royal Artillery. Kenneth started his basic training sadly during this time he lost his only sibling, his elder Brother in very tragic circumstances. Despite this he completed his basic training, and passed out at Pirbright in March 2005. When the band struck up and Le Cateau troop marched out, there was Kenneth wearing his Iraq medal, I thought my heart would burst with pride. Kenneth then spent a short time at Larkhill before being posted to 26 Regiment, Gutersloh, Germany. He was only briefly with 26 Regiment before the summer leave it was wonderful to have him home with us. Kenneth returned back to Gutersloh, 17 Battery – he was only back 10 days, when along with two other soldiers he was en-route to another barracks, when the driver of the land rover wolf totally lost control of the vehicle and smashed into a tree, killing all his three passengers. To this day I find it hard to believe how on a glorious summer’s morning, on a beautiful rural road it could have happened?

Craftsman Craig Smith REME Aged 18 and Craftsman Craig Atkinson REME aged 19 died with my Son Kenneth.

Sadly and cruelly, my husband went out to get his haircut on the morning of the 29th December 2006 and never returned, once again the police knocked on my door to tell me that the third and only surviving member of my family was dead, he had had a major heart attack at the wheel of his car aged 54, I believe stress had a lot to do with it.

A memorial was erected and maintained of the scene of the fatal crash by a Mr Jorg Weltzer a German civilian in memory of the three young soldiers who died on that tragic day (31st August 2005) on the Brockhagener Strasse in Gutersloh, West Germany