HMS Antelope

On trails at Southampton

The Picture says it all ... G-d bless you

Std M R Stephens. 23rd May 1982

Killed in Action:

Sgt J Prescott. CGM

Bomb disposal expert killed while attempting to defuse bomb in  HMS Antelope. Ship blazes white hot and is abandoned by her 175 crew.

HMS ANTELOPE Falkland Islands Falklands Conflict On May 23rd 1982, during an air attack, the frigate HMS ANTELOPE was hit by  two 1,000 lb bombs, which lodged onboard unexploded, killing one man. The ship moved up San Carlos water and anchored in Ajax Bay.  While attempts were being made to defuse one of the bombs, it exploded, killing another man and seriously injuring another.  A serious fire broke out and the ship was abandoned. The fires raged throughout the night but the HMS ANTELOPE was still afloat at dawn. Not long after, however, another major explosion occurred (possibly the second 1,000 lb bomb). The ship’s back broke and she sank with her bows and stern sticking out of the water.