HMS Ardent

21st May 1982 HMS ARDENT Falkland Islands.  Falklands Conflict... On May 21st 1982 the frigate  HMS ARDENT came under repeated air attack and was hit several times by bombs and rockets. On fire and expecting further attacks, the ship was abandoned.  She continued to burn and remain afloat for a further twelve hours before sinking. 22 men were killed and 37 wounded.

Killed in Action:

AB D K Armstrong.

Lt Cdr R W Banfield.

 AB A R Barr.

 PO P Brouard.

Ck R J S Dunkerley.

L/Ck M P Foote.

 MEM S N Ford.

Std S Hanson.

AB S K Hayward.

 AB S Heyes.

[ Stephen ]

WEM S J Lawson.

MEM A R Leighton.

AEM A McAuley

LS M S Mullen.

Lt B Murphy.

LPTI G T Nelson.

PO A K Palmer.

Ck J R Roberts.

Lieutenant-Commander John Murray Sephton. DSC.

21st May 1982. San Carlos Water. A relaxed John Sephton flying the Lynx helicopter of HMS Ardent in the spring of 1981. John was killed in action the following year during the Falklands conflict in which he was awarded a posthumous Distinguished Flying Cross.

[ Lieutenant-Commander John Murray Sephton. DSC. ]

 LMEM S J White.

LMEM G Whitford.

MEM G S Williams.