HMS Coventry and Atlantic Conveyor

HMS Coventry


HMS COVENTRY Falkland Islands  Falklands Conflict... On May 25th 1982, while on patrol off Pebble Island, the destroyer HMS COVENTRY and the frigate HMS BROADSWORD were attacked by aircraft which hit both ships with bombs;  the latter sustained only superficial damage but HMS COVENTRY, hit by two 1,000 lb bombs, capsized and sank with the loss of 19 lives.

Destroyer HMS Coventry and the Cunard container  ship Atlantic Conveyor lost during intensive  air attacks as Argentine Nation celebrates  independence day.

Killed in Action: 25th May 1982

HMS Coventry:

Memorial to HMS Coventry

MEM F O Armes.

CWEA J D L Caddy.

 MEA P B Callus.

 A/PO S R Dawson.

WEM J K Dobson.

[ John Dobson ... HMS-Coventry ]

PO M G Fowler.

WEM I P Hall.

Lt R R Heath.

L/Man Kye B K.

Temporary grave of Royal Naval seaman from HMS Coventry

WEM D J A Ozbirn.

Lt Cdr G S Robinson-Moltke.

LRO B J Still.

MEA G L J Stockwell.

WEA D A Strickland.

AB A D Sunderland.

MEM S Tonkin.

Ck I Turnbull.

WEA P P White.

WEA I R Williams.

SS Atlantic Conveyor:

Capt I H North DSC.

It is thought the Atlantic Conveyor, owned by Cunard, was mistaken for the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes.  She was attacked by two Super Etendards which fired French-built Exocets like the ones that sunk the Coventry's sister ship HMS Sheffield on 4 May. One of the eight men still unaccounted for on the container ship is her master, Captain Ian North. Bill Slater, Managing Director of Cunard, said he was a "remarkable man... very well known in the industry generally and this is typified by the messages of sympathy we've received from all over the world". Two Exocets were fired at the Atlantic Conveyor. Only one struck home but it was enough to damage the ship seriously.

Seaman Chan C S.

Bosun J B Dobson.

CPO E Flanagan.

Mech F Foulkes.

Std D R S Hawkins.

Ronald O R Hoole ... 

Radio Officer (Atlantic Conveyer)

Mech J Hughes.

Seaman Ng P.

AEM A J Anslow.

LAEM D Pryce.

Don was born on January 13th 1956 at Oddstock hospital in Salisbury. His twin sister Terry shared his birthday, they were both christened in Salisbury Cathedral. Don was educated at various schools depending on his Dad's posting in the Fleet Air Arm, at sixteen he left Bridgemary community school in Gosport to follow his Dad's footsteps in a Fleet Air Arm career. As a keen scout and athlete with many other hobbies including art, music, ornithology, philately and chess, Don's life was always busy. His particular love was football both as an active participant and Portsmouth supporter. Many happy Saturdays were spent at Fratton Park with his Dad cheering on 'Pompey'. When at home he would always enjoy his Mother's Sunday roast. Don loved to have a pint with his many friends. Everyone loved his warm, sunny personality and incredibly funny sense of humour. His generosity caused him to always return from overseas postings with many gifts for friends and family. On May 23rd 1982 during the Falklands War Don was transferred with his flight onto the Atlantic Conveyer, two days later the ship was hit by an exocet missile and Don's young life was stolen from him along with the lives of eleven others. Don's body was recovered from the sea and taken aboard H.M.S. Alacrity where attempts to resuscitate him failed. He was buried at sea on May 26th. Without a final resting place to visit, Don lives on in the hearts of his Mum, Dad and three sisters - Terry, Debbie and Jackie. Always loved. Never to be forgotten.

Mech E N Vickers.