HMS Sheffield

The Arrow rescuing survivors from HMS Sheffield, shortly after she was hit by an Exocet.

The Sinking of the Shiny Sheffield On the twentieth anniversary of the Falklands War, David Gross looks back  at the fate of HMS Sheffield, the first  naval ship lost by the Royal Navy since  World War Two.

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HMS Sheffield hit by an Exocet missile. All Killed in Action:

Lt Cdr D I Balfour.

Lt Cdr D I Balfour

 PO. D R Briggs. DSM

  C.A. D Cope.

WEA. A C Eggington.

Sub Lt. R C Emly.

 PO. R Fagan.

Ck. N A Goodall.

Pte  LMEM A J Knowles.

 L/man Lai C K.

L/Ck T Marshall.

PO A R Norman.

Ck D E Osborne.

WEA K R F Sullivan.

Ck A C Swallow.

CW Mech M Till.

WEM B J Wallis.

L/Ck A K Wellstead.

MAA B Welsh.

 Ck K J Williams

Lt Cdr J S Woodhead. DSC

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Bob Agan

Bob Agan