Korea 1951 - 1952

1139 service personal lost their lives in the Korea war

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The names below are from the book [ Korea 1950-1953: Prisoners of War, the British Army ] by Peter Gaston ... details below Special thanks to the "National Army Museum"

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Korea 1950-1953: Prisoners of War, the British Army


[ Korea 1950-1953: Prisoners of War, the British Army ]

Product Code: 3563 Author: by Peter Gaston ISBN: 9781843420163 Available from Amazon ...  Click here

Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Lance Corporal G B Harrison Private V Hottinger 2nd Lieutenant J M Lock Lieutenant Colonel M F MacLean Private W B Young Private T C Massey Private D Nicholls Lance Corporal E Otley Private L Russell Private W Smith Private R Stannard Private I R Wallace 2nd Lieutenant G A White

Corps of REME

Craftsman S J Amphlett Craftsman J T Glass Capt C Hesketh Private T C Jackson Staff Sergeant A Leslie Private R Reed Sergeant F T West

Royal Army Medical Corps Captain G H F Beith Private C B Coleman Lance Corporal P Garwood Corporal F Howse Corporal R K Oughtibridge Pte T Peel Private J C Webster

Royal Army Service Corps Corporal R Atkinson WO1 D G Baker RSM C W Cheshire Driver R V F Godwin Driver W C Greenwood Driver T D Hughes Private G F Jones Driver D H Lockyer Lance Corporal R W Morgan Private L E Morrison Private E Mullin Driver N Robson Private D M J Tranthem Dvr C B Ward

Corps of Military Police Sergeant D R Kinnear Lance Corporal G Riley Cpl K Truman

Royal Army Pay Corp

Pte R R Brooks Sergeant G S Stone

Intelligence Corp

Sergeant E M Hall

Army Catering Corps

Private T Clarke Private R Higham Private P J McDonnell Private A H Moseley Private J Pratt Private J H Rowson Private P J Smallshaw

Royal Air Force

Pilot Officer R E Baker Wing Commander J R Baldwin Flying Officer F H G Booth Flight Sergeant P E T Brooks Sergeant A J Carpenter Leading Aircraftman E A Cooper Flying Officer O M Cruickshank Senior Aircraftman R C Curtis Leading Aircraftman W C Dauris Flying Officer G P Dollittle Leading Aircraftsman K Goodfield Leading Aircraftman J Gracie Flight Lieutenant D W Guy Flight Sergeant R C Haines Flight Lieutenant D F W Hinton Flight Lieutenant D R Hobdey Flight Sergeant R F Hodge Squadron Leader G S Hulse Leading Aircraftman D E Humphrys Flying Officer R L James Senior Aircraftman A J Kent Flight Lieutenant J E Y King Sergeant R L R Lamb Leading Aircraftman P C McAllister Sergeant J L Millgate Flight Lieutenant H C B Mitchell Leading Aircraftman J S Olley Flying Officer A J Rosser Master Signaller J Scott Sergeant W Thompson

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)

Lance Corporal D F Allan Private A Annan Private E B Barclay Private P S Boatman Private A Buchan Captain C N A Buchanan 2nd Lieutenant M D W Buchanan 2nd Lieutenant M J D Cawthorn Sergeant H Clarke Private F Collins Corporal J Cook Private J Cowan Private M Dempsey Lance Corporal A Fielding Private J D Foster Private G Gordon Private D Harrower Private T G Hill Private A H F Holmes Private C Howcroft Private R Kemp Private R Kinne Private J Livingstone Private E Lockett Private A R Lorimer Private C McHale Private C McHardy Private A McKelvie Private E M McLaughlin Private J Millar Lieutenant J A C Milner Major K Muir Private W Nisbett Lance Corporal T E Owen Corporal D H Patterson Sergeant E Pigg Major I D Mc N Reith Private D Smith Lance Corporal R C Stark Sergeant S J Sutherland Private T Taylor Corporal R Whittington Private W B Wood 

The Royal Ulster Rifles Corporal W Adair Rifleman W J Ashton Rifleman D S Austin Captain N A M Balders Rifleman L Bell Rifleman N Black Major C A H B Blake Rifleman T Brannan Rifleman D Brown Rifleman M B Bunby Rifleman J C Bustard Rifleman J Butcher Rifleman C D Clarke Rifleman H J Cordery Rifleman R Craig Lance Corporal C R Cruickshanks Rifleman R Cunningham Corporal W Davidson Rifleman W O Davies Private J Donnelly Rifleman J T Doyle Lieutenant V A Dunlop Lance Corporal F Dytor Rifleman S F Ellsmore Rifleman F G Fitzgerald Rifleman K Fletcher Rifleman J Foley Rifleman M Foster Rifleman H W Garner Sergeant D Gaw Corporal J D Gibson Rifleman C Gouldsborough Rifleman S Heeley Private J D Heward Rifleman B N Hill Rifleman A Hinchcliffe 2nd Lieutenant K G Hodgkins Rifleman H Howarth Rifleman V P Hurren Rifleman D H Johnston Rifleman H H Jones Sergeant L Kavanagh Rifleman T Kennedy Rifleman J J Kerr Lance Corporal A King Private D W King Sergeant F Lennon Corporal J O Lewis Rifleman H Liddle Corporal W Lorimer Rifleman E B Lyons Rifleman D Maher Rifleman R Martin Rifleman R J McCain Rifleman J P McCartan Corporal W J McConnell Rifleman R J McCormick Rifleman H McCracken Rifleman R J McCracken Rifleman P McCurrie Corporal P McGeoghegan Rifleman T J McGivern Rifleman A J McNaughton Rifleman M McSherry Rifleman W McWilliams Rifleman S Montgomery Corporal W A Moore Private D G Morris Rifleman C Mulhall Rifleman S B Mullan Rifleman B A Mulligan Rifleman C C Murray Rifleman J W Murray Rifleman A J Newman Sergeant F Nugent Rifleman J O'Gorman Rifleman T Ostle Rifleman S F Plant Rifleman J Porter 2nd Lieutenant G V B Prescott-Westcar Rifleman J Rainey Rifleman C Ramsay Rifleman M Reidy Rifleman G Riding Rifleman S Robinson Rifleman J Shannon Major J K H Shaw Rifleman L Short Lance Corporal J Smith Lance Corporal R A Smith Rifleman W Sutton Rifleman A E Tice Corporal A Turner Rifleman J Tweedie Rifleman S G Wallace Rifleman J Walshe Rifleman R S W Washer Corporal E Wheeler Rifleman T White Rifleman W Wilcox Rifleman W J Woodhouse Rifleman T Wright

The Durham Light Infantry

Private D E Baker Lance Corporal B Bedford Private D M Bence Colour Sergeant J G Camby Lance Corporal R D Carwood Private J A Clements Private R Cottingham Private S G Cotton Private D R Cresswell Private D Davies Major C P Donoghue Private R Eacott Private J Eggett Private B F Gardiner 2nd Lieutenant J R Grubb Private J W Hall Private D Hargreaves Sergeant R Liddle Private P Million Private J Naisbitt Lance Corporal E O'Brien Lieutenant E L W Radcliffe Private J H Rowson Private W H Thomas Major J A Tresawna

The Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own)

Corporal T Amos Private R A J Bennett Private R Botten Private B J Bristow Lieutenant J C Bucknall Private W P Carroll Private C E Collier Private C W L Cox Lance Corporal G B Eades Private G Ellson Sergeant B Finch Private D A Fisher Private W H Freakley Lance Corporal R J W Godfrey Private G F Harris Private F G Hayfield Private W A Heath Sergeant D B Hummerstone Lance Corporal G Inns Private A M Ireland Private A G Judge 2nd Lieutenant J M Lock Corporal S G Long Private A D Maile 2nd Lieutenant E W Martin Private G R Minton Private J J Oates Private D O Page Corporal R Pegg Corporal J W Pentony Private D P Pitt Lieutenant L H St C Reilly Private D C Russell Lieutenant G Sander Private J Sharpe Lance Corporal R J Stanford Private R Streeter Private D Sumner Private K C Tredget Corporal R D Weaver Private E D West 2nd Lieutenant G A White

The King's Shropshire Light Infantry

Corporal S H C Axe Private F W Bartlett Private L Brickwood Lance Corporal A E Byrne Private G Clarke Private H E Clifton Private C W L Cox Private R W Cridland Private T W A Davey Private P J Davis Private J H Eadsforth Corporal D N Fellows Private D A Fisher Private W F A Ford Private M J Hall Private E M Halligan Lance Corporal W Hanlon Private F W Holder Private L Hopson Private A M Ireland Private L Jackson Private D Jones Lance Corporal P D Jones Private G R Land Lieutenant J W H Lanyon Private R Leggett Corporal R C Lewis Private R Luckhurst Private G R Lye Private E A Miller Private G R Minton Private J A Mundy Private J J Oates Lieutenant A G Pack Private W Philpott Corporal J Pinkerton Private D P Pitt Private J D Price Private R S J Pring Private R W D Punyer Sergeant H F Richards Corporal K A Richardson Corporal M Ritterband Private E G Rundle Private T Sheldrake Private G Shiell Private G Sibley Private V R Sivill Private J Smiles Private J Splevins 2nd Lieutenant P A St Clair-Morford Private M L Stephens Private J Strathie Private J B Straughan Private D Sumner Major A R Taitt Private P M Triggs Private L R Turnbull Private E Walker Private D Wells Sergeant A Wilson Lance Corporal G A Yapp Private L W Young

The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)

Sergeant J T Anderson Private R Armour Private W A Baker Lance Corporal M E Barden Private W Black Lance Corporal D D Blair Private J Braid Private J H Burke Private R L Campbell Corporal T S Campbell Private G Coley Corporal H Cox Private P Cunningham Private R Deans Private P J Dellow Private R Devennie Private R Dewar 2nd Lieutenant J R K Doig Private K E Doneathy Private R K Easton Private D R Evans Private R I Evans Private J K Farquhar Lance Corporal M H Findlay Private K Ford Private D A Gillespie Private R J Gilliland Private T B Gormley Private R A Greenshields Private G Hadden Lieutenant D A Haugh L/Cpl J Hayes Corporal E E Hine Private M Hogan Private F G Hyde Private J Irvine Private W Kirk Private J Lewis Private D Little Private A Mackay Private N G MacLeod L/Cpl G Malbon Private N L McDougall 2nd Lieutenant J G M McGuigan Private R McKee Private J Muir 2nd Lieutenant D A S Nicoll Private J Nicoll Private J Nixon Private G H Overy Private J W Patrick Lance Corporal T G Philp Corporal H J Picken Colour Sergeant A Ramsay 2nd Lieutenant A C Rattray Corporal J S R Reekie Lieutenant A Renny-Tailyour Private R L Russell Private R Shaw Private W R Shaw Private I Simpson Private W Steven Private R P Stewart Sergeant A E Wilson Private J Winters

The Welch Regiment

Lance Corporal H A Ahern Private N Babbage 2nd Lieutenant S C J Burgess Private J J Burke Private B C Chard Private J R Corcoran Private J Edmunds Private R Edwards Private R J Goodwin Private S Grears Corporal R S Greaves Lance Corporal J E Hampton Corporal R J Hands Private T D Harris Private J B Hawkins Private W G Hillman Private D I Horton Private K W Kenway Private W E Lansdown Private J R W Mathias Lance Corporal H F McKey Corporal F H Meech Private W P Moore Private J O'Hara Corporal B J Oram Private J P Richards Corporal J Richardson Private A C R Rowe Private W J Ward Private J S Williams Lance Corporal L Williams Private K J Willicombe

The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding)

Private J T Bell Lance Corporal B Catchpole Sergeant C Clark Private M Connor Private J H Douglas Corporal R F Firth Private R Gibson Captain C H Glen 2nd Lieutenant P Mc C Guthrie Private J Hawthorn Private A Hepple Private J Holland Private G Holmes Corporal D A Jackson Private R C C P Jones Private R P Kelly Corporal D F Kenehan 2nd Lieutenant E C Kirk Private R M Kirkpatrick 2/Lt T H Lawton Lance Corporal L G Leach Private P Mason Corporal G G Moody Private M Mulrooney Private B Pickles Lance Corporal J Pinkney Pte D Robertson Private L Rolley Corporal N W Sharp Private A Skingsley Private D Smith Private J Strachan Corporal J H Thompson Corporal G M Thurlow Private E Turner Private T E Watson Corporal T A Williamson Private T W Wright

The Gloucestershire Regiment

Private S A W Allum Major P A Angier Private A L Bailey Private C E Bailey Lance Corporal K W Baldwin Private R T Ballard Lance Corporal D A Balls Private D N Barber Private F T Barclay Corporal L J Bishop Private V T Bowl Private F S Brailsford Corporal G B Burchill Private M R E Burton Private R J Burton CQMS H E Buxcey Lieutenant H C Cabral Private J Cain Private A Campbell Private D Cason Private R H Cham Private G Chapman Private N F Chitty Private G Clarke Private F M Clutterbuck Private R B Cook Private D A Cornish Private J J Cragg Private R E Crews Private E Crowson Lieutenant P K E Curtis Private G Davies Private W E Dix Private W J Donaldson Private R Dwyer Sergeant K D Eames Private G Ellson Private P J Etherington Corporal R F Firth Private D G Fluck 2nd Lieutenant B S Gael Private B G Gallup Private R A Gilding Private C G W Gray Private R J Gray Private H Green Private G H Groom Private K G Gudge Private D R K Hamson Private G R Harris Private E E Harrison Private W J Hawkes Corporal A Herrall Private J D Heward Private V H Hill Private F B Hilton Private D L Hobden Private P D Hone Private R W Hughes Private G N Hunter Corporal R L V Hurst Lance Corporal G Inns Private B L Jackson Private D G E Jones Private H Jones Corporal R E Jones Private A G Judge Private T J Kelly Private D W King Private S H Law Lance Corporal G H Lawrence Lance Corporal G L S Lee Private E C Madgwick 2nd Lieutenant J M Maycock Corporal P J Maycock Private T Meads Lance Corporal D D Mew Private J Morley Private D G Morris Private E C Morriss Private J Moyes Sergeant D Northey Private R T Othen Private K J Partis Private E W Partridge Private L C Payne Private A K Pearce Private M C W J Penrose Corporal W D Possee Corporal A J Powell Captain R A St M Reeve-Tucker Lieutenant L H St C Reilly Private J P Richards Private W Roberts Private B N Robins Private F W Shelton Private A J Sheppard Corporal J E Short Lieutenant D A Simcox Private J B Skoines Lance Corporal G Spuffard Private W F Synnott Lance Corporal D M Taylor Lance Corporal I J Taylor Private H F E Tucker Private W G Tyler Private H Uttley Private R Vosper 2nd Lieutenant T E Waters Corporal R W Wellington Private K F Williams Private D W Winter Private J R Wylie


Private D A W Anderson Private A Annan Private L G Apter Private W Armour Private H J Banton Cpl J Bilney Private R F Blacklock Private H M Brady Private A Buchan Private J D Butler Private A B Clark Private F Collins Corporal J Cook Private R Crellin Corporal J R Cron Private T M Dowie Private W A M Edmund Lance Corporal M R Fitts Private D M Foster Corporal J Gallagher Private W Mc D Gosnell Lieutenant P A Grant Private T Haldane WO II W Hall Private G W Harrison Private D Harrower Private T G Hill Private A E Hobbs Private A H F Holmes Corporal S F I Jackson Private R Kemp Corporal J F Kerr Private E Lockett Private H G Lummis Private J Mackin Private R J A Marshall Private R Maxwell Private C McHale Private T G McKay Private R McKendrick Private J C L McLachlan Lieutenant A H F McMillan-Scott Private D Meikle Private J Millar Private E Moreland WOII CSM) J Morris Private R F Morton Sergeant A R Munn Corporal R F Musgrave Sergeant E E C Newman Private W Nisbett Private F North Lance Corporal T E Owen Corporal T W Price Private J H Purdie Private S Rennie Private P C Ressia Private J H Rodger Private R Shedden Private T Mc D Sinclair Private D Smith Private T Stark Sergeant S J Sutherland Private T Taylor Private I C Wallace Lance Corporal J E Watson Private J Wright

The Royal Leicestershire Regiment

2nd Lieutenant P J Affentranger Private B M Ash Private R A Astell Private H Bailey Private N A Birch Private D H Buckley Lance Corporal S J Bunce Fusilier J N Burn Private E Burnham Private R Chamberlain Private J Clayton Corporal J L Clift Private V Coles Sergeant S M Cox Private H Crocker Private C C Crompton Private R J Derry Fusilier R J Eardley Corporal N Fenemer Private W F A Ford Private F Gill 2nd Lieutenant J A Godfrey Private R L Gray Corporal F M Hayes 2nd Lieutenant D M Hockridge Corporal K James Fusilier F Kenyon Fusilier M Killeen Private C Leeming Private J A Lively Lieutenant F B Millington Lance Corporal G E Moss Private M O'Gara Sergeant E W Parr Private F Pennington Sergeant A Phillips Private J H Rabone 2nd Lieutenant W K Roberts Private C Salmon Private R Sharman Fusilier H Shepherd Private J Smith Private R Smith Private R Sugden Private J R Syron Lance Corporal R Tayor Lance Corporal W B Thompson Private H S Topping 2nd Lieutenant J C Tribbeck Private J Tynan Private L Whitmore Private L E Wisher

The Royal Norfolk Regiment

Private D Allman Private M A Bell Lieutenant J R E Berney Private J T S Brown Private A J A Bullman Private A Campbell Private C T A Church Lance Corporal R Cocks Private P J Codling Private W R Cole Private E Farrow Private F J Ferriday Private M Flynn Private H W Graveling Private N A Haynes Corporal J T Heron Private R A Ketteringham Lance Corporal D E Lewis Private R H McDonald Private J M Morrison Private H J Muller Private R M Perfect Private A J Playford Corporal K E Roberts Lance Corporal F A Russell Private A L Saunders Private R W Scott Corporal E W Smith Lance Corporal N S Smith Corporal E S Thorpe Private G E Turner Private T J Watkins Private D G Webster Private K A Wheeler Private J Woodgate 2nd Lieutenant J Wormald

The King's Regiment (Liverpool)

Lance Corporal C Broughton Private G R Caig Private W R Caton WO II W Chapman Pte P E Davies Private W J Davies Lieutenant V A Dunlop Private J Evans Corporal B J Gilleland Cpl J Givens Private G P Goodfield Lance Corporal E Hannen Pte A Higham Private A Ireton 2nd Lieutenant A J McBride Private L Montgomery Corporal J Mooney Private T N North Lance Corporal J E Nuttall Private P O'Neill Lance Corporal K S Ogborn Corporal A R Purcell Private J B Robertshaw Lance Corporal J Robinson Corporal R Scott Major P B Stephenson Private A J Stone

The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

Fusilier G F Allen Fusilier S J Anstead Fusilier P G Austin Sergeant S W Burgess Fusilier R G Cooper Private J C Crocker Corporal E Darby Fusilier J Dockerill Lance Corporal G B Eades Lance Corporal R J W Godfrey Fusilier L W Goodwin Private S J Gwynne Fusilier W G Heron 2nd Lieutenant C R P M Hoare Private D F Jacobs Lance Corporal R A Lavender Lance Corporal D E Lewis Fusilier D T Mack Fusilier A S Mills Private C R Pellatt Fusilier M J Prentice Fusilier A R Pryor Fusilier F Rhodes Fusilier F H Roberts Fusilier R H G Royan 2nd Lieutenant R H Ruhemann Lance Corporal J F Salmon Fusilier H W Sellens Fusilier J M Snare Fusilier F G Spears Fusilier R W Stevens Private G W Thompson Fusilier B M Tull Fusilier P W Walker Fusilier N O Whatley Fusilier J R Williams Fusilier P J Wooster

The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers

Lieutenant L S Adams-Acton Fusilier P Angus Private H Arno Sergeant A F Baggott Corporal C Bailey Fusilier L Bastable Sergeant J Bates Fusilier J W Batey Fusilier T E Bloore Fus H H D Blow Private W R Briggs Fusilier D Broadhead Fusilier S D Broadway Fusilier A Brotherston Fusilier A R Browne Fusilier C H Buckthorpe Fusilier J N Burn Fusilier J W Cannon Fusilier T H Casper Fusilier M Catchpole Sergeant C Clark Fusilier G Cooper Fusilier I Corbett Fusilier B L Cox Fusilier R V Cue Fusilier F A Curry Sergeant R A Donald Fusilier P Dutton Fusilier R J Eardley Fusilier A Eke Fusilier F W A Fail Lieutenant G M Fitz-Gibbon Private F Fitzpatrick Fusilier R G Ford Fusilier K Foster Lieutenant Colonel K O N Foster 2nd Lieutenant L D Foxton Fusilier C F Gavillet Fusilier J Gerard Corporal E J Green Lance Corporal H Hamer Fusilier G Hodgson Sergeant D Jackson Fusilier R E S Jackson Fusilier A James Fusilier B F Johnson Lance Corporal J Kain Fusilier R M Keenan Fusilier F Kenyon Fusilier M Killeen Fusilier D Langley Lance Corporal L G Leach Fusilier C G Leonard Fusilier S Ludlow Corporal T W Martin Corporal E McAleese Fusilier J McDonald Corporal A McIntosh Fusilier T H McNally Lieutenant F B Millington Private C Mills Major C C G Milward Fusilier K G Murray Lance Corporal D Oldfield Fus J H Pedley Fusilier J W Phillips Fusilier H Pickering Fusilier E W Roomes 2nd Lieutenant G D Rudge Fusilier C Sadler Fusilier J A Seaman Fusilier T Sharp Lance Corporal C Sharpe Fusilier H Shepherd Sergeant K Smith Private R H Smith Fusilier R South Fusilier R Sugden Fusilier D E Tamblyn Fusilier J Taylor Corporal D Thirkettle Lance Corporal G A Thornton Fusilier F Vickers Private D Walker Fusilier L Walker Corporal G V Walls Fusilier T Walne Fusilier W C Wellman Lt D A White Fusilier A Williamson Sergeant J H Williamson Corporal T A Williamson Fusilier K Wintersgill Fusilier R Winterton

The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)

Captain W P Bramall Private J W Logan Private I M Stewart

Royal Corps of Signals

Corporal C W F Bearne Signalman B J Clackett Lance Corporal H R Hedges Signalman W Hepworth Sergeant A E A Lalley Signalman P N Latham Corporal J M Rudge Signalman D L Saunders Signalman W Smith Signalman P P Ware

Corps of Royal Engineers

Sapper A Ashcroft Sapper R A Baldwin Sergeant G E Ball Captain H Bayton-Evans Sapper B A Beauchamp Sapper J M Beck Sapper R P Bootle 2nd Lieutenant G K Briggs Sapper E R Brown Corporal F J Caswell Craftsman G R Catchpole Sergeant F W Chatterton Sapper E H Comer Captain P Crofton Corporal E J E Davies Sapper R O Dicks Lieutenant K W Eastgate Sapper T K Evans 2nd Lieutenant J K A Firth Sapper J Fletcher Corporal L E Ford Sapper A V Glenville Sapper J Goodman Sapper R Harvey Sapper G M Henderson Sapper S J Higgins Sapper J G Hunter Sapper A C Hurst Sapper S Jenkins Sapper V D Judd Corporal B Lipschild Sapper K McDonagh Sapper V A Medus Lance Corporal B H Milne Sergeant A J Morgan Lt F M Murdock Lieutenant P M Park L/Cpl J Pomfret Sapper P G Raybould Sapper R A Rennie Sapper A J W Ringe Lieutenant G B Robinson Sapper G R Siddle Lance Corporal G B Swarbrick Lieutenant B Swinbanks Sapper F J Vaughan Sapper L E Wick Sapper C L Wylie

Royal Regiment of Artillery

Lance Bombadier K Alder Lance Bombadier R Archer Gunner A Archibald Gunner A J Baldock Gunner M Banbury Gunner R J Barwick Gunner V F Bayley Gunner A Bond Gunner H Breakwell Lance Bombadier M A Brettell Gunner D Broadbent Sergeant R H Broadbent Gunner J W Camp Sergeant T Cawley Gunner G Cawood Gunner M L Caws Gunner J A Cloake Gnr R S Coe Sergeant J A Colverson Gunner R Cruickshanks Gunner T L Curtiss Sergeant H W Danes Gunner R E Dowkes Gunner W A Edwards Gunner R England Captain R D Fleming Gunner T Fox Gunner S Foy Gunner T F Gibson Gunner N Grayston WOII J Harrion Major W G Harris Gunner R Harrison Craftsman J Hearne Gunner W Hewitt Captain L P Hicks Gunner D G Hill Lance Bombadier R E Hindle Captain W M Holman Sergeant G W A Howard Lieutenant A B S Hudson Bombadier H J Hudson Gunner C A Humphrey Gunner K Jaynes Captain A V Jenkins Gunner K Jepson Gunner P J Keating Gunner J F Kilburn Captain J L Lane B.Q.M.S. A E Mapplebeck Gunner D McCafferty Lieutenant A J Measor Sergeant F T Mersh Gunner J Micklethwaite Captain W M Miller WO2 J Mills Gunner R J Mitchell Sergeant P J Moir Gunner R Morrison Gunner J Murphy Gunner G W Naylor Gunner R B Newman Gunner J T Nutman Lieutenant J R O'Brien Gunner A Ogden Guner D Parker Gunner A W Russell Gunner G A Snell Gunner L G Taplin Captain J K Thompson Gunner J E Tracey Gunner E Waller Captain J B Warren Captain R F Washbrook Gunner K Williams Bombadier S E Williams WOII C R Woosnam Gunner L Wright Gunner G Yates

Royal Tank Regiment

Maj G G Bell Trooper P G Dixon Trooper L Heath Trooper M C Sayers Trooper R W Sheridan Sergeant S B Streather Lance Corporal J D Weldon

8th King's Royal Irish Hussars

Trooper C Adams Lieutenant C G Alexander Captain D L Astley-Cooper Corporal F C H Cameron Sergeant E R Collings Trooper J Collison Trooper G C Costello Corporal J S Livett Trooper S J O'Connor Lieutenant D F P C Probyn Trooper C A Sadler Trooper A R Smith Corporal E Stone Trooper W E Thomas Lieutenant J C F Walker Trooper M L Walton Trooper A G Willmott

5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards

2nd Lieutenant A J E Albrecht Corporal R Brewer Trooper J P Cahill Trooper J W Grace Signalman P N Latham Trooper P McFadyen Lance Corporal D Metcalfe Corporal B O Smith Corporal H A Steggles Trooper D R Veasey Sergeant N E Wykes

Royal Marines

Marine G Ahern Marine A J Aldrich Corporal R B Babb Sergeant C E Barnes Corporal J E Belsey Sergeant R G Davies Marine I Garner Marine J L Graham Corporal T R Hamill Lieutenant J G Harwood Marine L A Heard Corporal C R B Hill Marine S E H Hills Marine K D Hitchman Sergeant J H James Marine W L J Jauncey Marine P R Jones Surgeon Lieutenant D A Knock Marine J McCourt Marine H Melling Marine R J Needs Marine R Nicholls Captain R N Parkinson-Cumine Leading Sick Berth Attendant D Raine Marine S Skelton Corporal R Southworth Marine E Strain Marine D W Stray Petty Officer J A Tate Corporal C E Trott Marine W A Walker Marine R Wooldridge Marine K Wyeth

Royal Navy

Ldg Stoker Mechanic J W Addison Lieutenant R E Barrett Sub-Lieutenant M J Beardsall Lieutenant A Beaven Sub-Lieutenant R D Bradley Able Seaman J Bravington PO Airman V V Colman Able Seaman M J Comfort Lieutenant G H Cooles Lieutenant A P Daniels Sub-Lieutenant R G A Davey Lieut-Commander D A Dick Aircrewman 1st Class L M Edwards Lieutenant A J D Evans Sick Berth Attendant A Findlay Lieutenant P G Fogden Pilot 3rd Class S W E Ford Signalman G C Gates Ordinary Seaman R A J Godsall Leading Steward J S Goldstraw Able Seaman A B F Greenwood Naval Airman 1st Class R F Herbert Lieutenant R C Hunter Lieutenant R N Jones Radio Electrician (Air) K P Jordan Sub-Lieutenant W J B Keates Surgeon Lieutenant D A Knock Ldg Steward SO Lau Lieutenant(E) K Macdonald Lieutenant C A MacPherson Able Seaman J D Mawdsley Lieutenant J T McGregor Lieutenant Commander I M McLachlan Able Seaman F McNamee Lieutenant R Nevill-Jones Lieutenant R J Overton Leading Sick Berth Attendant D Raine Sub-Lieutenant B E Rayner Aircrewman 1st Class E R Ripley Lieutenant J H Sharp Sub-Lieutenant I R Shepley Sub-Lieutenant J M Simonds Able Seaman C Skelton Commd Pilot T W Sparke Lieutenant E P L Stephenson Petty Officer J A Tate Lieutenant K M Thomas Aircrewman 1st Class G B Wells PO (Airman) J F Wigley Lieutenant R Williams Lieut-Commander T J C Williamson-Napier

Attached Regiments

The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) Private S J Gwynne Private G W Thompson

The Buffs (Royal East Kent Regiment) Corporal A H Maskell Private C R Pellatt Sergeant H F Richards Fusilier R H G Royan

The Royal Warwickshire Regiment 2nd Lieutenant R I F Arbuthnot Private J M Lattimer Sergeant A Phillips Private R H Smith Private L Whitmore

The West Yorkshire Regiment (The Prince of Wale's Own) Private C Mills Private D Walker 2nd Lieutenant T E Waters

The East Yorkshire Regiment (The Duke of York's Own) Private H Arno Sergeant A F Baggott Private C Leeming

The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment Private H J Muller Lieutenant D A Simcox

The Royal Scot's Fusiliers Private J W Logan Private I M Stewart

The Cheshire Regiment 2nd Lieutenant G D Rudge

The East Surrey Regiment Private J C Crocker Fusilier M J Prentice

The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Lieutenant P K E Curtis

The Border Regiment 2nd Lieutenant K G Hodgkins

The Royal Sussex Regiment Corporal A H Maskell Private W Philpott

The South Staffordshire Regiment Private W A Heath Cpl R Leyland Private J Sharpe

The Dorsetshire Regiment Lieutenant J A C Milner

The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry Major J A Tresawna

The Essex Regiment Private W J M Boreham Lance Corporal F A Russell Private J Strathie

The Sherwood Foresters Private W R Briggs Private F Fitzpatrick 2nd Lieutenant D M Hockridge 2nd Lieutenant J C Tribbeck

The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment Private D F Jacobs

The York and Lancaster Regiment 2nd Lieutenant L D Foxton Fusilier B F Johnson

Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-Shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany's) 2nd Lieutenant J R K Doig Lieutenant P A Grant Lieutenant D A Haugh

The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders 2nd Lieutenant J G M McGuigan

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