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The Royal Marines in Northern Ireland, By Mike Pinchen

Admiral of the Fleet The Earl Mountbatten of Burma, Life Colonel Commandant of the Royal Marines. Decorations KG GCB OM GCSI GCIE GCVO DSO PC Date of Birth 25 June 1900 Age 79 Date of Death 27 August 1979 Cemetery Name Romsey Abbey. Killed by IRA bomb while out sailing his boat at Mullaghmore, County Sligo in the Republic of Ireland.

A bomb demolished his fishing boat in waters off the northwest coast of Ireland near his family summer home, on August 27. Mountbatten, his 14-year-old grandson, and a friend of his grandson were all killed instantly. He became the IRA's most famous victim. A member of the Provisional wing of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was later convicted of his murder. Mountbatten's funeral at Westminster Abbey was considered the most-outstanding tribute to any military personnel since the Duke of Wellington was buried in 1852. His great-nephew, Prince Charles, was one of many who paid tribute to him at the funeral. He was buried in an abbey at Romsey near his Hampshire home. After 50 years of service to the Royal Navy, he was buried facing the sea.