Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers


Sgt S C Reid Aged 28.Killed 22nd June 1972. Killed Glenshane Pass , County Londonderry.

L/Cpl D Moon Aged 24.Killed 22nd June 1972.Killed Glenshane Pass, County Londonderry.

[ L/Cpl D Moon Aged 24. ]

Cfn Brian Hope Aged 20.Killed 14th August 1972. Killed by booby trap bomb that was left outside Casement Park, in Anderson Town West Belfast.

L/Cpl Colin Harker Aged 23.Killed 20th December 1972.Shot by a sniper while on foot patrol in Lecky Road, Londonderry, on the 14th September 1972, He died three months later in hospital.

Sgt M E Seldon.30th June 1974.Cause of death unknown.

Cfn Colin McInnes Aged 20 and Gnr MacDonald Aged 43Killed 18th December 1975.Both of these soldiers were actually killed together while manning an OP/Sanga on the Derry Wall next to the entrance into the city on Strand Road. Both were serving members of 42 Hvy Regt RA stationed in Fallingbostell BFPO 38

Cfn McInnes was REME attached to 42 Hvy Regt, and attached to 18 Bty of that regiment from the unit workshop for this tour. Gnr MacDonald was a member of 18 Bty and not long due to be discharged on return to Germany in April 1976

NOTE: Thanks to Cliff for the above information

Sgt Michael Burbridge Aged 31.Killed 1st April 1982.Shot by a sniper while travelling in a civilian van belong to the army after leaving Rosemount Army/Police Barracks in Londonderry.

WO1 (ASM) James Bradwell Aged 43.Killed 11th October 1996.Died four days after a car bomb attack on a Army Base in Lisburn, County Antrim.