This page is dedicated to those who paid the ultimate price in the name of their country during the bloodiest thirty-odd years of domestic British history.

Royal Army Medical Corp. The RAMC traces its history back to the foundation of the Regular Army, following the restoration of King Charles II in 1660, but it was not until 1898 that officers and soldiers were incorporated into one body known as the Royal Army Medical Corps. The RAMC motto 'In Arduis Fidelius' is translated as 'Steadfast in Adversity'. The 31 Victoria Crosses won by the Corps, including a double VC and one recipient of both the VC and the Iron Cross, bear testimony to the motto and the character and ideals of the men and women who wear the badge.


Killed 2nd November 1991 when the IRA detonated a bomb At the military wing of Musgrave Park Hospital in Belfast'

It was later disclosed that the bomb had been carried through a children's ward, which ran adjacent to the military wing. A hospital porter was later convicted of the atrocity.

Musgrave Park

[ WO2 N. Jorden ]




The memorial stone (left) is in the grounds of the Military wing at Musgrave Park Hospital, a long with the the QARANC stone, (below) and this stone was found in the rubble after the bomb went off, it was going to be thrown away but some one saw it and took it back off the lorry, as it used to be on the wall of the building, so it was put in the garden next to the memorial stone stone.

[ WO11-P-Cross ]

WO11 P Cross

"May they rest in peace"