This page is dedicated to those who paid the ultimate price in the name of their country during the bloodiest thirty-odd years of domestic British history.

Dog handlers Who lost their lives on Operations  in Northern Ireland while serving with the Army dog Units.

Royal Army Veterinary Corps

CPL. B CRIDDLE. BEM. (R.A.V.C.) 22 JUL 1973 Killed by a bomb near Clogher in Co Tyrone, He was attached to the Royal Tank Regiment when he was killed, He had been awarded the BEM for his service in Ulster, His dog survived the Blast, he was from Blockley in Gloucestershire.

SPR. M ORTON (R.E.) 17 SEP 1973


Was killed along with his dog in a terrorist booby-trap bomb at Castleblayney Road, Crossmaglen. He went forward to investigate a box, partly hidden in a ditch, and on doing so the bomb detonated. Corporal Hayes was buried with the ashes of his dog.

CPL. D HAYES (R.P.C.) 21 MAY 1988 Cpl Derek Hayes who was from Lincolnshire was Killed by a booby trap bomb in Crossmaglen  in Armagh. His Labrador dog Ben was also killed, Bens ashes were buried with Cpl Hayes.

CPL. T O'NEILL (R.R.F.) 25 MAY 1991 Cpl T O'Neill Aged 44. Killed by a home made grenade thrown over the wall of North Howard Street Army base, West Belfast. He was serving as a dog-handler and was feeding his Labrador at the time. He had served 22 years and was due to retire from the army in 6 months.

CPL. D B BROWN 3 (U.D.R). 28 MAY 1986 Cpl David Brown was killed along with his search dog by a bomb left in a garage. He was awarded a posthumous Queens Gallantry Medal

"May they rest in peace"