Royal Air Force

Flying Accident Hastings Aircraft Call Sign TG 577 Tuesday 6th July 1965

A RAF Hastings aircraft (call sign TG577) crashed near Abingdon during the afternoon with the loss of six crew and thirty-five servicemen. The aircraft was captained by Flt Lt John Akin and was engaged on a routine parachute training flight in support of No1 Parachute Training School, Abingdon with a passenger load comprising Parachute Training Instructors and trained Parachutists from the Regular Army and Territorial Army, and from various commands of the Royal Air Force. The Subsequent Board of Inquiry found that the accident resulted in metal fatigue in the elevator system, which caused a complete loss of control, causing the aircraft to crash.

Royal Air Force

Flt Lt John Akin

Plt Off Thomas Adams 

Cpl Dennis J. Baylis 

Sgt Graham G. Blake

Cpl James I. Borthwick

Flt Sgt Michael C D. Boyles

Plt Off Alan F. Canham 

Flt Sgt Austin R. Casey 

A/Sgt Peter Clifton

A/Sgt Anthony Evans

Sgt Colin D. Holmes 

Sgt John Hurry

LAC Michael R. Ireland

Cpl Anthony C. Lee 

Plt Off Royston J. Legg

Sgt John J. McGartland 

A/Sgt Michael C. Palmer

Flt Lt Christopher J. Payne

M/AQM Joseph W. Robinson

Flt Lt William P. Roden 

Flt Lt Herbert R. Scott 

Cpl John R. Smith

Flt Lt David G. Stephens

SAC Anthony J. Sykes

Flt Lt George J. Taylor

Cpl Alexander M. Telfer

M/AQM Peter S J. Timms

Plt Off Alan W H. Turner

Sgt Philip M. Way

Jnr Tech Peter G. Williams





C/Sgt T P. Alderson

Aged 40

10 Para TA

Pte R M. Andrews

Aged 18

Para Depot

Pte A A. Blackman

Aged 17 Para Depot

Pte C. Bassom

Aged 18

Para Depot

Pte T R. Brett

Aged 23

Para Depot

Gnr T. Cooper

Aged 17

7 Para RHA

Sgt H. Ellis

Aged 33

17 Para TA

C/Sgt B J. Hougham

Aged 36

10 Para TA

Pte W G. Hilditch

Aged 21

Para Depot

Pte D J. Stewart

Aged 18

Para Depot

Pte M D. Walker

Aged 17

 Para Depot