This page is dedicated to those who paid the ultimate price in the name of their country during the bloodiest thirty-odd years of domestic British history.

Royal Engineers

Sgt. ROBERT SAMUEL McCARTER. Aged: 33 Killed: 17th July 1975

Sapper Ronald Hurst. Aged 25.  Shot dead while working on the perimeter fence outside Crossmaglen RUC/Army base, County Armagh on the 17.05.1972.

S/Sgt Malcolm Banks. Aged 29. Shot dead while on mobile patrol in the short Strand area of Belfast on the 28.06.1972.

Sapper Edward Stuart. Aged 20

2nd October 1972 - Belfast - Sapper Ted Stuart Sapper Ted Stuart was in plain clothes posing as a laundry man; he was machine-gunned to his death in his van by two Provisional gunmen on the Twinbrook housing estate in Dunmurry, Nr Belfast. Sapper Stuart was driving a green Morris van marked "Four Square Laundry" - a non-existent company. A member of the Women's Royal Army Corps was posing as a delivery girl. Speculation that he was serving with the Special Air Service was denied.

WO2 Ian Donald. Aged 35. Killed by a remote controlled bomb which was detonated while his patrol searched a house in Cullaville in County Armagh on the 24.05.1973.

Major Richard Jarman. Aged 37. Killed by a booby trapped bomb while leading a foot patrol in Middletown County Armagh on the 20.07.1973.

Sapper John Walton. Aged 27. Killed by a booby trapped bomb while on foot patrol near a derelict house near Newtownhamilton in County Armagh on the 02.07.1974.

Spr John Walton Taken from the order of Memorial Service, Castle Dillon, Armagh, NI. Saturday 6th July 1974. We have come together to remember before God, John Walton: To give thanks for his life and example his courage and integrity; to recall to our minds his friendship and the enthusiasm and cheerfulness he showed at all times; and to commend his soul to the everlasting care of God, the father of us all.

Sgt David Evans. Aged 28. Killed by a boob trapped bomb left out side the Ebrington Army Camp in the Waterside area of Londonderry on the 21.07.1976.

Sapper Howard Edwards. Aged 24. Shot dead by a sniper while on a foot patrol in the Bogside area of Londonderry on the 11.12.1976.

Colonel Mark Coe. Aged 44. While off duty at his army quarter home in Bielefeld, West Germany he was brutally murdered by IRA gunmen on the 16.02.1980.

L/Cpl Michael Robbins. Aged 23. Killed in a time bomb attack at the Mill hill, Inglis Army Camp in London on the 01.08.1988.

Sapper Christopher John Beattie ... Age 22. From Rochdale, Greater Manchester killed in tragic shooting accident 6th April 1982. Forkhill, Co Armagh.

[ Sapper Christopher John Beattie ]

"May they rest in peace"