This page is dedicated to those who paid the ultimate price in the name of their country during the bloodiest thirty-odd years of domestic British history.


Royal Irish Regiment

In October 2006 Her Majesty The Queen conferred the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (CGC) for Gallantry to the Royal Irish and Ulster Defence Regiments, a number of soldiers from both regiments have been murdered during the Troubles, some of them murdered while off duty or after leaving the army.

Graphic by kind permission of 3 Royal Irish

The Collect of the Royal Irish Regiment Almighty God, whose love knows no bounds, grant that we, The Royal Irish Regiment, may do our duty courageously whether at home or abroad, so that undaunted by the difficulties which beset us, your will may be done. And united as members one with another, may we, mindful of the valour and sacrifice of those who have gone before us, clear the way for those that follow, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Sgt Robert Irvine Age 43 (Full Time) HQ. Coy. 9th Battalion. 20th October 1992. Shot by the IRA at his sisterís home in Rasharkin, his wife and daughter and sister were in the house at the time the gunmen killed him, he had previous service with the RUC. Robert was the first Royal Irish Regiment Soldier to be killed by terrorist action. He was married with two children and off duty at the time of his death.

L/Cpl Ian Warnock Age 27 (Part Time) A. Coy. 6th Battalion. 19th November 1992. Shot by the IRA as he waited to collect his wife from work in Portadown, his 3 year old son was with him when the gunmen attacked. He was hit at least 12 times from close range but still managed to return fire before he died. He was married with 1 child and off duty at the time of his death.

Pte Stephen Waller Age 23 (Full Time) Sp Coy. 1st Battalion. 30th December 1992. Shot by the IRA when he was on leave from Cyprus in Belfast as he watched television with his wife. Two gunmen knocked on the door and asked for Stephens sister, they pushed past Mrs Waller as she opened the door and fired 13 rounds into him. He died in hospital a few hours later. He had only been married for 8 months. He was married and off duty at the time of his death.

L/Cpl Mervyn Johnston Age 38(Part Time) D. Coy. 7th Battalion. 15th February 1993. Shot by the IRA in Belfast as he was wheeling a childís bicycle to his mother in laws house a few doors from his own home. A car drew along side an a gunman fired hitting Mervyn four times. A second gunman then got out of the car and fired three more rounds from very close range into his head. He was married with two children and off duty at the time of his death.

Pte Chris Wren Age 34 (Part Time) HQ. Coy. 8th Battalion. 31st May 1993. Killed by a booby-trap bomb which exploded under his car in Moneymore. He was the fifth "Royal Irish" Soldier to be killed. He was married with one child and was off duty at the time of his death.

Pte Reggie McCollum age 19 (Full Time) B. Coy. 8th Battalion 21st May 1994. Abducted by the IRA in Armagh as he walked home from a party and shot dead, he had been shot nine times and a pathologist at the inquest said his injuries suggested a considerable struggle and that he had fought hard with his attackers, his Brother was also killed during a mortar attack and his grandmother was killed by an IRA bomb placed in her farmyard. He was single and off duty at the time of his abduction and murder.

L/Cpl Stephen Rankin Aged 24. 7th Battalion Royal Irish... Died in tragic incident on the 23.09.1996

Photo from Stephen's Dad