Royal Logistic Corps

Private Michael Minns during a training accident on  Salisbury Plain on Sunday 24 September 2006.

The incident, which occurred at Fowler Barracks (located between Tidworth and Ludgershall), is being treated as an industrial accident and a joint investigation is underway with the local police and the Health and Safety Executive. Pte Minns was carrying out routine checks of a vehicle prior to it being deployed on exercise. Pte Michael Minns, 19, joined the Army in 2005. After completing his basic training he joined the Royal Logistic Corps serving as a Driver.  In June 2006 he took up his first posting with 9 Supply Regiment RLC. He was based at Hullavington, in Wiltshire. Lt Col Justin Stanhope-White, CO 9 Supply Regt, Royal Logistic Corps, said:  "Despite only having spent four months in the Regiment, Michael had become a very popular and much liked character. He had a happy-go-lucky personality and enjoyed socialising with his new comrades. "He was a very keen soldier whose enthusiasm shone through. It was typical of his personality that he volunteered to represent his Squadron in an upcoming boxing competition, proving his selfless dedication and commitment, which he possessed in abundance.  "Michael was developing into a first rate soldier and had an undoubtedly bright future. His colourful character and ready banter will be sorely missed. Our heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathy are with his family and friends."

[ Private Michael Minns ]

[ Private Michael Minns ]

We will always miss his cheeky smile, his sparkling romantic brown eyes and his dry funny sense of humour but most of all his selflessness. He was always there for everyone from carrying a pensioners shopping to helping a child with a grazed knee. He was a perfect son, boyfriend, grandson and friend. At his funeral his friends called him a legend, because anything they could do Michael went one better. Michael was the only child we knew who would eat four Christmas dinners and plough into turkey sandwiches later on that evening, even in the army he would eat at the mess hall and then order in pizza.

Missed by all

Love Mum & Dad * * *

Poem My Perfect Son ... Why take my perfect son, Who's life had just begun, He was only just nineteen, why is life so mean. He had found his roll in life, For Kirsty to be his wife. To work hard and eventually become a dad. How in life can that be bad. Everything he did he did for the best, Not just for himself, but for all the rest. He said not a bad word of anyone, But all that makes him, MY PERFECT SON. This was read out at Michael's memorial in Hullavington Church on the 10th September by his mum.


[ Private Michael Minns ]