This page is dedicated to those who paid the ultimate price in the name of their Corps and Country.

At 8.20am on the morning of Friday 22nd September 1989, just as the Royal Marine Bandsmen were finishing their morning practice, A large IRA bomb exploded in the North Barracks, killing eleven young bandsmen and wounding several others.  The explosion was heard all around the Town of Deal in Kent. The people of Deal reacted instantly; On Saturday morning, hundreds of people queued up out-side the drill hall for up to four hours to donate blood for the injured bandsmen. On the 2nd May 1993 a memorial bandstand was erected by public subscription on Walmer Green in front of the Royal Marines Association Club in the Town. The names of the ten bandsmen killed in the explosion that day and the musician who died of his injuries in October, are recorded on plaques on the Memorial Bandstand.

Band Cpl Dean Pavey Aged 31. 22nd September 1989 Joined 1974, played the Bassoon, was divorced with two sons and was born in Eastbourne.

Band Cpl Trevor Davis Aged 39. 22nd September 1989 Joined 1967, played the Trombone, was married with four children, was born Bridgenorth, Shropshire.

Band Cpl Dave McMillan Aged 26. 22nd September 1989 Joined 1979, Played Tuba and String Bass, was married no children, was born in Hendon.

Musician Richard Fice Aged 22. 22nd September 1989 Played Trumpet and Cornet, was single and born Cardiff, Wales.

Musician Bob Simmonds Aged 33. 22nd September 1989 Joined 1971, Played Clarinet and Violin, also a Jazz Pianist, had served on the Royal Yacht, was married with three children, was born in Littlehampton, Sussex.

Musician Mick Ball Aged 24. 22nd September 1989 Joined 1981, Played Flute, was married no children, was born Rochford in Essex.

Musician Richard Jones Aged 27. 22nd September 1989 Joined 1979, Played Flute, was married no children, was born in Swansea, Wales.

Musician Tim Reeves Aged 24. 22nd September 1989 Joined 1981. Played Clarinet and Violin, was single, born in Oldham Lancashire.

Musician Mark Petch Aged 24. 22nd September 1989 Played Flute. Married no children, was born in Kingsdown, Kent.

Musician Andy Cleatheroe Aged 25. 22nd September 1989 Joined 1980,Played the Saxophone and Violin, was single and born in Yorkshire. 

Musician Christopher Nolan. 18th October 1989 Died in hospital as a result of the Injuries he received in the Bomb explosion on the 22nd September 1989 at the Royal Marines School of Music in Deal, Kent.