Welcome to Palace Barracks Memorial Garden, these memorials stones are dedicated to some of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the Armed Forces.

The Garden in Palace Barracks remembers some of those who have lost their  lives in Northern Ireland, The Falkland Islands, Kuwait, August 1990 - July 1991, Iraq 2003 and the United Kingdom. The Memorial Custodian is also responsible for the Memorial Garden at Thiepval Barracks, Lisburn, Co. Antrim.


Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

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The Gardens

The Gardens

The Gardens

1st Battalion

15th November 1974:

Fusilier A. Simmons

Fusilier A Simmons Aged 19. Shot in an ambush in Strabane. From Manchester.

I served with Tony in Ulster. Anthony was a very loyal and brave soldier, it was a privilege and honour to know him. He was a young soldier of 19 yrs when God called him to be by his side. On behalf of the regiment and the fine comrades who served with Anthony. I say thank you Anthony for your Courage, your smiles and friendship. God bless you. Ex Fusilier, 24299334 Paul Reay Z, Coy, 11 Plt, 1 RRF                         Reaypaul@aol.com

25th January 1981: Corporal P Barker Aged 25. Shot at a checkpoint in Belfast on the 24th January. 1st Battalion. From Oldham, Lancashire.

18th May 1984: Corporal T H Agar Aged 35. One of two men killed by a bomb under their car while off duty at Enniskillen leisure centre,  Fermanagh. From Jarrow.

Lance Corporal R V Huggins

18th May 1984: Lance Corporal R V Huggins Aged 29. One of two men killed by a bomb under their car while off duty at Enniskillen leisure centre, Fermanagh. From Gorton.

18th October 1984: Lance Corporal P W Gallimore Aged 27. Died in hospital of a heart attack after being seriously wounded by a bomb at Enniskillen, 18th May. From Farnworth, Lancashire.

2nd Battalion

8th December 1971: Major J J E Snow Aged 35. Died in Hospital 4 days after being shot by a sniper while on foot patrol in the New Lodge Area of West Belfast

14th Jul 1972: Fusilier K Canham Aged 24. Shot by a sniper in Lenadoon.

23rd August 1972: Fusilier A P Tingey Aged 25. Shot by a sniper while on patrol in West Belfast.  From Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

9th March 1973: Corporal D Napier 

16th June 1980: Fusilier G W Foxall

19th June 1980: Fusilier T Foxall

1st May 1992:

Fusilier A J Grundy Aged 22. Killed by a bomb at a checkpoint at Killeen. From Co. Durham.

L/Cpl M. Beswick

9th February 1993: Lance Corporal M J Beswick Aged 21. Fatally wounded by a bomb in Armagh. From Heywood, Lancashire.

3rd Battalion

15th September 1972: Lance Corporal J L Davis Aged 22. Shot while on patrol in Bogside, Londonderry.

9th April 1973: Fusilier C J Marchant Aged 18. Shot in an ambush in Lurgan, Armagh in January.  From Berwick-on-Tweed, Northumberland.

28th September 1975: Corporal D Llewellyn

9th October 1975: Corporal E Gleeson Aged 29. Killed by a landmine at Lurgancullenboy. 3rd Battalion.  From Colchester, Essex.

21st November 1975: Sergeant S J Francis Aged 28. Killed by a booby trap bomb near Forkhill, in Armagh. 3rd Battalion.

22nd November 1975: Fusilier M J F Sampson  Aged 20. Killed in an attack on a border observation post at Drumuckaval, Armagh. From Douglas, Isle of Man.

22nd November 1975: Fusilier James D Duncan Aged 19. Killed in an attack on a border observation post at Drumuckaval, Armagh. 3rd Battalion. From Oldham, Lancashire.

22nd November 1975: Fusilier P L McDonald  Aged 19. Killed in an attack on a border observation post at Drumuckaval, Armagh. From Manchester.

30th March 1976: Corporal D Traynor Aged 28. Killed by a booby trap bomb at Ballygaran. From Manchester.

3rd January 1983: Lance Corporal W T Makin Aged 22

[ Corporal Terry O'Neil (centre) ]

[ Corporal Terry O'Neil  ]

25th May 1991: Corporal T O'Neil (Attached Army Dog Unit R.A.V.C.)  Aged 44. Killed by a home made grenade thrown over the wall of North Howard Street Army base, West Belfast. He was serving as a dog-handler and was feeding his Labrador at the time.  He had served 22 years and was due to retire from the army in 6 months.


[ Corporal Terry O'Neil (Attached Army Dog Unit R.A.V.C.) ]

"May they rest in peace"

M62 Coach Bomb Outrage

On the 4th February 1974. A coach travelling from Manchester along the M62 was carrying servicemen their wives and families  back to Catterick camp in Yorkshire, after a weekend break. As the coach was approaching Huddersfield at 12.15am,  It suddenly exploded ripping away the rear half of the coach. Police believe that bombers had hid 50lbs of explosive in the  rear luggage compartment of the coach while it was parked up over the weekend in Manchester with its luggage compartment unlocked.  The compartment reached under the rear seat of the crowded coach. Men Women and children at the rear of the coach were virtually  sitting on a time-bomb. The Explosion killed eleven of the back to camp passengers including a family of four.

Cpl Clifford Haughton (2RRF) Age 23 Mrs Linda Haughton Age 22 Master Lee Haughton Age 5 Master Robert Haughton Age 2

L/Cpl James J McShane (2RRF) Age 28. Fusilier Jack Hynes (2RRF) Age 19. Fusilier Stephen Whalley (2RRF) Age 18.

A personal account by Philip Hutchinson...

On the night of that incident we left Manchester at 11pm for Catterick camp. I was sat at the back and Fusilier Stephen Whalley was about half way down on the left of the coach. As the we left Manchester Stephen asked me (Philip Hutchinson) to swap seats as he wanted to talk to another one of his friends. This I did and went to sit where he was sitting... After about an hour the bomb exploded injuring Stephen.

Fusilier Whalley died of his injuries three day later on the 7th February 1974 Fourteen others were injured.

Fusilier Steve Whalley 

Fusilier Stephen Whalley