Royal Welch Fusiliers


Cpl Gerald Bristow. Aged 26. Shot dead by sniper while on foot patrol in Bishops Street. Londonderry on the 16-04-1972.

Fusilier Kerry McCarthy. Aged 19. Shot dead by sniper while on sentry duty outside the Victoria RUC/Army Base in Londonderry on the 21-06-1972.

Cpl David Smith. Aged 31. Killed by a booby trap bomb while searching a derelict house in Straban, County Tyrone on the 21.06.1973.

Cpl Alan Coughlan. Aged 28. Killed in a van bomb attack outside Ballykinler Army Camp in County Down on the 28-10-1974.

Fusilier Andrew Crocker. Aged 18. Shot dead by INLA when his patrol came upon an armed robbery at the Monagh Post Office, Turf Lodge. Belfast on the 24-11-1976.

Lieutenant Steven Kirby. Aged 22. Shot dead by a sniper while on foot patrol in Abercorn Road, Londonderry on the 14-02-1979.