Special Air Service


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Sergeant Jonathan Hollingsworth

Sergeant Jonathan Hollingsworth, from the Parachute Regiment, was killed following a planned search and detention operation in Basra City, Iraq, on Friday 24 November 2006. Sgt Hollingsworth sustained gunshot wounds during the operation and was evacuated to a nearby military hospital. Despite the best possible medical care, he later died from his injuries. He was a member of the Parachute Regiment, on secondment to Headquarters Multinational Division South East, Iraq.


[ Colour Sergeant Mark Lawrence Powell ]

Colour Sergeant Mark Lawrence Powell, of the Parachute Regiment, who was killed in Iraq when two Puma helicopters crashed in Iraq on Sunday, 15 April, 2007. 'He was an exemplary Combat Leader, soldier, father, husband, friend and Briton, dedicated to his family, his men, his mission and his country. 'In the finest traditions of the Army and his Regiment, he was utterly selfless, never shirking danger, effort or hard service in the pursuit of his mission. 'His loss is tragic, and keenly felt by all but his example to others will be sure to endure and inspire us all for years to come. He was serving with "G" Squadron 22 SAS

Sergeant Eddie Collins of the Parachute Regiment was killed in Action in Iraq on Wednesday 5 September 2007.


Sgt Collins’ commanding officer paid the following tribute:


"Sgt Collins was a champion soldier, a proud and loving family man and a great friend. He always played to win and always set the finest example. He died a warrior, on the battlefield, leading from the front, doing a job he loved in the service of his friends, his regiment, his family and his country. He will never be forgotten." Sgt Eddie Collins was buried with Full Military Honours

Albert Owens MBE the Memorial Custodian ,said. I had the honour and privilege to attend the funeral of Sgt Eddie Collins and I was impressed and humbled by what this young man had achieved in his life. His loyalty to his old and new regiment was beyond reproach, his professionalism was outstanding. He leaves behind a loving family, his loyal comrades and friends and an old parachute regiment soldier who came away after the funeral with a sense of sadness, pride and the knowledge that as long as we have men of the calibre, strength and professionalism of Sgt Eddie Collins we will win the fight against all evil .

It is with great sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the deaths of two military personnel killed near Baghdad, Iraq.  Tuesday 20th November 2007. MOD Announcement  The two personnel were killed when the RAF Puma helicopter they were travelling in crashed.

The Custodian & Webmaster of Palace Barracks Memorial Garden send their thoughts to the families of these two brave soldiers at this very difficult time ... until further notice no names will be recorded of those who served with Special Forces, the fact that they volunteered for the SAS speaks louder than any words can describe on this or any other website ... in years to come their actions will be recorded and acknowledge.