Staffordshire Regiment

S/Sgt John Morrell

S/Sgt John Morrell (Aged 32) 1st Battalion.  Died on the 24.10.1972 10 days after being injured by a booby trap bomb which exploded while he was searching a house in Drumarg, Armagh

2nd Lt Michael Simpson

2nd Lt Michael Simpson (Aged 21). 1st Battalion. Shot by a sniper while on foot patrol in the Shantallow Area of Londonderry. He died of his injuries on the 23.10.1974 three weeks after being shot.

Pte Christopher Shenton

Pte Christopher Shenton (Aged 21) 1st Battalion. Shot dead by a sniper on the 20.01.1981 while manning an Observation Post overlooking the Bogside, City Walls in Londonderry.

L/Cpl Stephen Anderson

L/Cpl Stephen Anderson (Aged 22) 1st Battalion. Killed in a landmine attack while on foot patrol near Crossmaglen in County Armagh on the 29.05.1984