Suez & Roll of Honour Canal Zone 1950-1956

Any serviceman killed on Active Service in the Suez Canal Zone in the early fifties during the "Emergency" was buried in one of the following Cemeteries  1) Cairo-New British Protestant Cemetery  2) Fayid War Cemetery  3) Moascar War cemetery  4) Port Said Military Cemetery  The Photograph opposite is of Fayid War Cemetery and shows rows of neat well kept graves, beautifully laid out, and well marked.

On 31st October, with RAF aircraft already pounding Egypt, A Royal Navy Task Force left Malta comprised of H.M.S. Eagle, H.M.S. Albion and H.M.S. Bulwark carrying Fleet Air Arm aircraft and H.M.S. Ocean and H.M.S. Thesues carrying helicopters and troops bound for the beaches. The LST Lofoten, with men and equipment of No.45 Commando onboard, also accompanied the fleet with its escort of destroyers and frigates. Meanwhile, the cruiser H.M.S. Newfoundland encountered an unknown contact while on patrol at the southern end of the canal zone. The target, on being challenged, opened fire on the cruiser causing minor damage.  The Newfoundland replied with her 6 inch guns and sunk the Egyptian frigate Domiat after six minutes, 69 of her crew being rescued. At 4.44am on 5th November, six hundred men of 3 Para were dropped from RAF Hasting and Valetta aircraft onto El Gamil airfield. They soon secured the airfield and achieved all their objectives during the day, and were reinforced when another drop of 100 men and equipment was made in the afternoon. The Seaborne landings the following morning were at Port Said and the French held Port Fuad. Nos. 40 and 42 commando made an assault landing in LVTs (Landing Vehicle Tracked) supported by a number of centurion tanks. No.45 Commando was flown ashore by Six Whirlwinds and Six Sycamore helicopters from H.M.S. Ocean and Whirlwinds from H.M.S. Theseus, landing virtually unopposed, although a few pockets of determined resistance were dealt with by the Close Air Support which was always present.  By the end of the day, the Allied forces had consolidated their positions and were confident that the Suez canal would be in their hands within the next 24 hours. During the night the first LSTs berthed at Port Said and began unloading their Centurion tanks. At that point, the Allies were forced to withdraw under pressure from the United Nations and Russia. A Ceasefire coming into effect at 2345 on 6th November. The troops began to evacuate on 7th December and the last troops left on 22nd December.

If I should die, think only this of me: That there's some corner of a foreign field That is for ever England. There shall be In that rich earth a richer dust concealed; A dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware, Gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam, A body of England's, breathing English air, Washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home. And think, this heart, all evil shed away, A pulse in the eternal mind, no less Gives somewhere back the thoughts by England given; Her sights and sounds; dreams happy as her day; And laughter, learnt of friends; and gentleness, In hearts at peace, under an English heaven. Rupert Brooke


THE ROLL OF HONOUR FOR THOSE SERVING IN THE SUEZ CANAL ZONE BETWEEN 1ST JANUARY 1948 & 13TH JUNE 1956 ... These pages are dedicated to those, who lost their lives in the Service of Great Britain in Egypt between the 1st January 1948 & the relocation of the Garrison to Cyprus 13th June 1956. Many lives were lost in what was a cruel, vicious campaign. Below is an incomplete list of those known to have died. Those repatriated with wounds or illness, who subsequently died elsewhere are not shown. Likewise there are very many British service dependents buried at Fayid & Moascar cemeteries, who have been omitted. The list is compiled from information in the public domain held in the National Roll of Honour & the Commonwealth War Graves Data Bank. Pictures of the bulk of their graves are shown on the website:- WAR GRAVES PHOTOGRAPHIC PROJECT. website The comments on the circumstances of their deaths are from eye witness accounts & entries in the SVA Magazine & books such as “White knees, brown Knees” by D. Findlay.


Please read the Latest & Up-to-date Roll of Honour produced by Edwin Sparrow for the Suez Veteran's Association ... read it here

They will only die when they are forgotten, so read their names, that they may be remembered. If you shed a tear, know that you do not weep alone.”

Also by Edwin Sparrow ... A TRIBUTE TO THE FALLEN FROM 48 ROYAL MARINE COMMANDO ... Read more here


These pages are dedicated to those, who lost their lives during the Anglo- French Invasion of Port Said Egypt 1956



40 Commando RM Marine L. DUDHILL Killed 6th November 1956 Marine R. J FUDGE Killed 6th November 1956 Lieutenant P W McCARTHY Killed in Action.6th November 1956 Lieutenant E A UFTON Killed in Action. 6th November 1956

42 Commando RM Sergeant D. H. A DENNIS Killed by a sniper 6th November 1956 He had previously been wounded when serving with 40 Commando RM in Palestine in 1948 Marine D. HOWARD Killed 6th November 1956 Marine B. J PRICE Killed 6th November 1956 ... Marine Price was shot on the beach in the chest. He was hit between the ammo pouches. Marine B. J SHORT killed 6th November 1956

45 Commando RM Marine C. E GOODFELLOW Killed 6th November 1956 Marine Michael John FOWLER Killed 6th November 1956 ... Age 19.


Royal Armoured Corps Sgt. B. Kislo Royal Armoured Corps

The Royal Tank Regiment Trooper G. A MORTON 6th Royal Tank Regiment Died 9 November 1956

Royal Engineers Lieutenant A. H PIPE-WOLFERSTEIN 3 Field Squadron Royal Engineers killed in Ammo accident

Operation Musketeer - Suez The most recent, and to date, the last combat drop by the Paras, took place at Suez, when they joined French forces to protect the shipping canal after Egypt's President Nasser ‘nationalised' the international waterway. In November 1956, Lt Col Paul Crook, commanding officer of the 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment, was told to prepare his Cyprus based unit for an operation. But with the 'run-down' of airborne forces after the war, equipment was in short supply. The plan, jointly agreed with French military commanders, called for 3 Para to parachute into a 'hot DZ' - held by the enemy - where they expected to face a fierce battle against 2,000 Egyptian troops, who were supported by armour. Operation Musketeer would need the element of total surprise if it was to succeed, and all 660 men had to be on the ground at El Gamil airfield and ready for action within four and a half minutes. Aircraft were covered in a coat of 'Gentian violet', a blue coloured medication, in a bid to camouflage them against the bright rays of the rising sun. In addition the airstrip at El Gamil was very narrow and the drop height had to be restricted to 700ft or less, in order to avoid soldiers being swept off the DZ by crosswinds. A further move which was not popular with the Battalion, was the decision not to wear reserve parachutes - due to the fact that they would not have the chance to use them at such low level. The Brigade had hardly enough aircraft for a single battalion lift. The Hastings and Valettas were unable to carry heavy equipment and at that time, the new Beverley transporters were not yet available. At 04.15 hours on November 5, 1956, 3 Para jumped in and although opposition was heavy, casualties were few. The unit medical officer, Lt Sandy Cavanagh, was shot in the eye as he descended to the DZ, as well as a dozen other injuries sustained on the ground. The Egyptians had been supplied with Soviet weapons and on the second day a Russian Mig fighter strafed the Paras, causing two casualties. It was a 'one-off incident, regarded as a show of strength by the Red Air Force against world opinion. A sergeant, who was one of the first out of the door at Suez, still remembers his concern for the unexpected 'We were nervous, nobody really knew what to expect, but as soon as we left the aircraft, they started firing at us . . . The airfield was covered with oil drums to stop aircraft landing and once we had cleared it, we made our way to Port Said. There was quite a bit of fighting and we took a few injuries, but nothing to shout about'. At Port Said, 2 Para came ashore, but within a week a ceasefire had been announced and the regiment pulled out, heading back to Cyprus. World opinion had forced Britain and France to withdraw their forces. The Battalion had acted in the highest traditions of the Parachute regiment, but the regiment had not been prepared for the operation and new equipment was desperately needed.

A Soldiers own story

3rd Bn The Parachute Regiment Private T. A BARNETT 3 Para Died of wounds 5th November 1956 Private T. M. BATES 3 Para Died of wounds 5th November 1956 Private R. W. SUMNERS 3 Para Died of wounds 5thNovember 1956 Corporal J. M WOOD 3 Para 6th November 1956

The Royal Scots Major D. PINKERTON, M C The Royal Scots Died 16 December 1956

The Somerset Light Infantry Corporal G. CRAWFORD Somerset Light Infantry Died 16 December 1956

The West Yorkshire Regiment Private R HUDSON 1st Bn West Yorkshire Regiment Died 18th November 1956 Lieutenant A. G MOOREHOUSE 1st Bn West Yorkshire Regiment kidnapped & died in captivity

Royal Army Service Corps Private H. J LAWS Accidental death 8 November 1956


Flight Lieutenant, E. A SHEEHAN Missing presumed killed 3 November 1956

Roll of Honour Canal Zone 1950-1956


Surgeon/Comm N S.Miller HMS Osiris 24.05.1952 Elec/Mech E R. Gaish HMS Chevron 24.05.1953 L/Seaman. F A. Hill HMS Glasgow 07.09.1953 S/Mech, T J.Johnson HMS Saintes 03.12.1953 A/B. T Kerr HMS Dilwara 28.03.1954


Marine G Underwood HMS Glasgow 28.08.1953 Marine DE. Burtenshaw 40 Commando RM 17.05.1953 L/Cpl, R. Don 40 Commando RM 23.05.1953 Cpl H A, Morris 42 Commando RM 21.01.1954 Sgt D. Davies 45 Commando RM 06.07.1953 Marine M. Findlay 45 Commando RM 23.01.1954 Marine F. Jennings 45 Commando RM 18.02.1954 Marine W M. Masters 45 Commando RM 06.07.1953 Cpl H A. Morris 45 Commando RM 21.01.1954


Gunner E. Arnold R/A 25.11.1951 L/Bomb J. Arthurs R/A 22.01.1954 L/Bomb J. Bett HAA Bty 11.12.1952 Gunner R A. Birch 80 LAA- Regt 06.06.1951 Gunner L. Carter 80 LAA-Regt 27.03.1951 Gunner R. Gunson 80 LAA-Regt 13.11.1953 Gunner F. Rogers 80 LAA-Regt 25.06.1952 L/Bomb L. Briscoe 41 Field Regt 10.05.1951 Bomb L C. Hodgeman 41 Field Regt 10.05.1951 Gunner T K. Firth 41 Field Regt 01.09.1951 Gunner L J. Sherman 41 Field Regt 18.09.1951 2nd/Lt J A W. Goodwin 41 Field Regt 19.01.1953 Bomb A. Brown 26 Field Regt 26.08.1954 Sgt P. Curtis 26 Field Regt 14.08.1954 2nd/Lt D H. Browning R/A 17.02.1951 L/Bomb R P. Cripps GHQ.MELF 17 10.11.1952 Gunner R T. Curtis RA 05.11.1951 Captain D. Kilburn Att AOPS (RAF) 28.03.1953 Major G P. Elliot Att 1 Div, HQ 09.01.1952 Captain F. Foster 1908 light 651 AOP 26.02.1954 Major H S. Freegard MC/Bar 08.01.1952 Gunner K C. Goodall 33 Airborne L/Regt 08.10.1952 Gunner S W. Webster 33 Airborne L/Regt 08.10.1952 Gunner C A. Noble 33 Airborne L/Regt 20.10.1952 Gunner G R. Harris HAA Bty 30.07.1951 Gunner R P. Hendrick 82 Loc Bty 25.12.1951 L/Bomb L J. Knight HQ 2 AGRA 23.09.1952 Sgt W J. Moore Missing In Action 22.01.1954 Gunner R W. Pyper Missing In Action 11.01.1954 Bomb B. Reed Att 211 Trs/Cmp 24.11.1951 Gunner R C. Satterwaite 197/73 HAA Regt 23.02.1953 Gunner F. Saunders 6 Field Regt 05.08.1951 Gunner G. Shaw 6 Field Regt 05.08.1951 Bomb K. Spiers 29 field Regt 02.02.1953 Gunner J J. Thompson RA 16.07.1952 Captain R. Watkins Para Bge RA 17.04.1952 Lt D A. Wooton RA 23.06.1952


Sapper E E. Axelberg RE 18.01.1954 Sapper E. Bonner RE 21.06.1953 Captain H H. Bradbury Q, Mov BTE 03.12.1951 Cpl F. Bradbury RE 11.12.1951 L/Cpl A M. Campbell 9 ESBO-Suez 02.10.1951 Cpl D A. Cann RE 15.03.1954 Sapper V P. Carlton 8 ESBD 26.05.1955 Sapper C A. Cripps 8 ESBD 26.05.1955 Sapper W. Crangle 35 Corps Eng/Regt 07.04.1953 L/Cpl J C. Walsh 35 Corps Eng/Regt 14.11.1952 Sapper D B. Cox RE 21.01.1954 Sapper H. Davies-Patrick RE 12.07.1953 Sapper T. Daw 1207 IWT Ops 25.04.1953 Sapper D. Hodt 1207 IWT Ops 20.12.1952 Sapper J R. Dickinson RE 03.12.1951 Sapper HGP. Fairley RE 15.01.1952 L/Cpl R. Fearn Workshops A/ADM 18.11.1951 Cpl A G. Graves RE 11.09.1954 L/Cpl J. Hammett RE 21.01.1954 Sapper J. Harrison RE 03.03.1953 Sapper A S. Havelock HQ/Movements 19.01.1952 Sapper H A. Haycock 10 Rly Sqdn 28.04.1952 Captain H. Hoyle RE 30.06.1953 S/Sgt W. Jewell RE 06.01.1953 Sapper C F. Johnson RE 23.06.1953 Sapper R J. Jones 47 Survey/Sqn 19.11.1954 L/Cpl J. Jupe RE 10.01.1953 Sapper L C. McGowan 25 Field Eng/Regt 30.06.1954 Sapper R. Watkins 25 Field Eng/Regt 14.10.1952 L/Cpl ISR. Parker HQ, CRE. Works 29.10.1953 Sapper G W. Pottinger RE 19.07.1955 Sapper J V. Quibell RE 07.03.1954 Captain DR. Radcliffe 35 Field Eng/Regt 24.10.1951 Major S. Rose RE 04.12.1951 WO2 G M. Smith 22 Field Eng/Regt 17.08.1954 Sapper G. Thompson 22 Field Eng/Regt 07.02.1954 Cpl S J. Southwell 17 Field Sqn RE 02.07.1953 Major W g. Stringer MBE RE 13.04.1954 Sapper E G. Taylor 50 Field/Sqdn 11.06.1953 Sapper G W. Taylor 42 Survey Eng/Regt 21.05.1953 Sapper J R. Taylor 10 Railway Sqdn 13.03.1952 Sapper D J. Thompson RE 18.01.1951 Sapper J W. Tillman RE 01.01.1954 Sapper D. Walsh 39 Field Sqdn 29.07.1953


[ Royal Signals Memorial Nation Arboretum  ]

L/Cpl R. Collier R/Sig 10.01.1953 Signalman F T. Clarke 3 Inf Div 07.05.1953 Signalman L. Dyson R/Sig 11.07.1954 Driver R G. Edgar R/Sig 03.08.1952 Signalman J M Fitzgerald Missing In Action 15.03.1954 L/Cpl R. Ford Att 29 Field Regt R/A 03.07.1953 Driver H. Hollaway Att 29 Field Regt R/A 08.07.1953 Signalman S. Waite Att 29 Field Regt R/A 04.07.1953 Driver M R. Fowler R/Sig 04.12.1953 Signalman D. Geekie R/Sig 28.09.1954 Signalman R C. Hunt 3 GHQ 11.11.1951 Cpl K. Leaton ECSR 19.11.1951 L/Cpl McAndrew R/Sig 25.05.1953 Major JCS. McDouall GHQ 17.11.1951 Driver G McLean 2 AGRA Sigs Sqn 04.03.1953 Signalman T P. Morgan 1 Inf Div Sigs Regt 06.10.1954 Signalman H B. Parkinson R/Sig 23.12.1954 Driver L. Pope R/Sig 28.01.1953 Signalman H. Raybould Missing In Action Jan/Mar 53 Captain P S. Robson R/Sig 12.09.1953 Driver D J. Scott 3 GHQ 19.05.1954 Signalman C. Spillane Com/Sig 28.11.1951 L/Cpl R. Stark R/Sig 14.05.1951 Cpl R. Sturmey R/Sig 28.09.1954 L/Cpl HWN. Stenbeck 2 Air/Sup/Sigs 28.04.1952 Signalman D L. Sweet 3 L of C/Sigs 08.02.1952 Signalman A. Trigg R/Sig 06.05.1953 Sgt R H. Warren 4 AF/Sig Regt 15.01.1954 Signalman B. Watson 3 Loc Sig Regt 16.03.1953 Captain L C. Weeks R/Sig 10.08.1951 L/Cpl H. Wilson 3 HQ Sigs Regt 07.07.1951 Signalman P. Wright R/Sig 03.03.1951


Major W R. Burnhill RAMC 19.03.1954 Pte A. Davison RAMC 15.12.1951 Pte A. Ellis RAMC 02.05.1952 Pte R H. Fletcher RAMC 01.11.1951 Pte C. Jones RAMC 09.08.1953 Pte A G. Roberts 23 PFA 16.12.1951 Sgt T W. Timmins RAMC 01.06.1954 Major R. Yates RAMC 03.06.1952


L/Cpl R. Ansell RASC 27.08.1952 Driver C J. Battrick RASC 02.05.1951 Driver D C. Beech 93 Coy 02.07.1953 Driver C. Bixon Missing In Action Jan/Mar 54 Cpl PFL. Bruton RASC 02.05.1951 Driver W. Buxey Att HQ Com 11.02.1952 Cpl S F. Carter RASC 09.02.1952 Driver J R. Daykin RASC 07.09.1952 Driver CJW. Dixon Missing in Action 11.01.1954 Sgt R W. Edwards RASC 13.02.1954 Driver N. Evans RASC 15.05.1953 Driver D. Gray 44 Coy 06.10.1953 Driver NGT. Hall RASC 02.05.1951 Driver D. Hamilton RASC 03.11.1951 Cpl W. Hebden 47 Coy 06.02.1952 L/Cpl J. Hogarth 84 Coy 21.11.1951 L/Cpl P H. Roper 84 Coy 29.01.1952 Pte T. Houghton 483 Supply Coy 24.06.1952 Cpl A C. Huxstep HQ Bte 27.04.1952 Driver D H. Kay 86 Coy 03.08.1951 Driver G F. Knight RASC 28.04.1954 Cpl J P. Lamond 148 Field Bakery 17.04.1953 Pte R E. Lee RASC 12.08.1953 L/Cpl L E. Leech 73 Coy 02.07.1953 Captain H. Mason 74 Coy 11.02.1952 Driver J. McCann RASC 22.06.1955 Driver J S. McLaren RASC 13.07.1951 Pte J J. Mogie 120 Supply Coy 14.06.1953 Pte T J. Moore RASC 22.10.1951 Cpl JRN. Nicholls RASC 02.05.1951 Driver J. O’Neill 5 Field Ambulance 29.05.1952 Driver P. Reed 4 Coy 04.06.1954 Pte H. Roberts 39 Coy 02.07.1953 Driver W O. Roberts 34 Coy 08.08.1953 Driver D M. Stott RASC 22.10.1955 Pte W G. Sutherland 30 Coy 08.11.1954 Driver B. Thorner RASC 22.05.1953 Pte F. Wall RASC 16.06.1953 Major R H. Wharton RASC 18.11.1951 Pte D D. Williams 482 Supply Coy 22.12.1951 Driver E M. White 73 Air/Dispatch Coy 14.08.1953 Pte J G. White RASC 09.05.1953 Driver R J. Winn RASC 31.03.1953 Lt J A. Youl RASC 30.05.1953


W/Pte Nancy Collins QARANC 10.08.1951


Pte T G. Bailey BUD 14.11.1953 Pte F. Chapman RADL/BUD 26.04.1952 Pte K. Cooper 12 POS 12.11.1953 Pte B G. Dunn 1 Inf Div 02.04.1953 Pte D. Foy 3 Inf Bge 21.04.1951 WO2 D J. Grubb HP/BTE 27.10.1953 Pte D W. Higgins 10/BOD 06.09.1954 Pte P L. Hobson RAOC 26.02.1954 Pte B H. Hubbard RAOC 15.12.1953 Sgt JCS. Massie RAOC 14.10.1955 Pte J. McDonnell RAOC 15.10.1955 Pte R B. Mills RAOC 12.05.1953 Pte P. Raywood RAOC 26.04.1951 Driver J. Shaw RAOC 12.01.1951 Pte F. Spearing RAOC 12.10.1953 Pte K. Spencer 10 Bn 11.03.1955 Pte G Taylor RAOC 05.11.1954 Pte J R. Thompson RAOC 11.01.1954 WO2 JDR. Tilley RAOC 21.01.1954 Pte J S. Waller RAOC 18.01.1956 Pte G A. Wisden Base/Veh/Dpt 31.08.1952 Pte JGC. White RAOC 23.10.1955


L/Cpl K R. Atkinson Att 203 Pro/Coy RMP 21.06.1951 Lt M F. Bailey 16 Airborne 08.11.1951 WO2 D. Barker REME 10.08.1955 Cpl P. Blackburn REME 30.06.1951 Cpl J F. Bogue REME 28.03.1953 L/Cpl G. Cumming REME 07.11.1953 Craftsman C D. Dannatt 2 Base Workshops 28.01.1952 Craftsman C N. Gilligan 2 Base Workshops 07.01.1952 Craftsman A E. Knight 2 Base Workshops 07.01.1952 L/Cpl A R. Wilson 2 Base Workshops 22.09.1951 Cpl P L. Docherty REME 30.06.1953 L/Cpl F. Fair 44 Tank Coy 15.09.1954 L/Cpl F J. Francis REME 24.05.1954 Craftsman A B. Hallett REME 05.03.1955 Craftsman B R. Head 2 BLI/S 08.07.1951 Pte C. Higgins REME 27.08.1952 Craftsman PFN. Huggett REME 29.11.1953 Craftsman J M. Lanagham REME 09.01.1952 S/Sgt F. Lavender 19 Arm/Workshops 29.06.1954 Craftsman C. Marshall REME 12.12.1954 Craftsman M. McAllister REME 29.05.1954 Cpl R. Middleton REME 18.04.1952 Craftsman J S. Milne Att 35/Eng/Regt 19.10.1952 S/Sgt W C. Nock 16 Para Workshops 10.05.1952 Craftsman G. Palmer 58 Car/Coy 10.02.1952 Craftsman Y. Peel Att HQ/BTE 24.06.1951 Craftsman WCP. Rimell REME 05.03.1955 Craftsman D A. Smart REME 26.12.1953 Pte G. Smelt REME 28.05.1954 WO2 N B. Strachan REME 15.04.1956 Cpl D J. Thomas REME 26.06.1955


Captain C L. Kelsey IC 18.11.1951 Captain M E. Wells IC 04.02.1956


Sgt T. Burke 51/MP.DB 04.08.1951 WO2 C A. Tyler 51/MP.DB 28.02.1952 L/Cpl H E. Cooper No 1 Dog Coy 19.08.1953 L/Cpl M R. Foxwell RMP 03.12.1951 Lt J A. Hampton 1 Div Pro Coy 17.12.1951 L/Cpl D. Hibbert 1 Div Pro Coy 17.07.1954 Sgt H. Rutter 26 SIB 26.03.1954 L/Cpl G. Salt 203 Pro Coy 11.08.1953


S/Sgt H F. Elliott RAPC 04.06.1952


Sgt A C. Bailey RPC 07.09.1955 Sgt D W. Edwards RPC 21.11.1951 Captain J. Higgins PCLU/ 904 03.10.1952


S/Sgt J. Armstrong APTC 27.11.1953


Pte G A. Bamford ACC 28.04.1952 Pte T. Bibby Att 33 Coy RAMC 29.07.1953 Cpl S. Copp Att 17 Bge GHQ 25.06.1951 Sgt P. Kimmins Att 3 Para 03.08.1952 Pte J F. Marsh Att/ Egypt Com Sigs 17.04.1951 Pte J. Wilson Att 203 Trn Coy RMP 24.07.1953


W/Pte C C. Baird WRAC 8.12.1954 W/Pte B J. Uren WRAC 8.12.1954


Cpl J. Larner 4 Coy GHQ Group 08.04.1951 Pte K C. Lugg 1 Coy GHQ Group 04.04.1954 Sgt J F. Quinn HQ Suez Corps 21.02.1952 Pte G. Smith G/HQ 15.12.1952


2nd/Lt A J. Grieve 1st Battalion 27.08.1955 Trooper P A. Griffin 1st Battalion 04.04.1954 Trooper J. Higham 4th Battalion 31.01.1952 Major MFS. Rudkin RTR 03.06.1953 L/Cpl J. Symington 1st battalion 30.08.1954


Major R G Copeland RAC 20.12.1952


Trooper R. Flanagan RAC 11.08.1953


Trooper A. Bedford A Squadron RD 26.12.1951 2nd/Lt AGH. Hirst 1st RD 25.07.1951

A week before he died Lieutenant Hirst rescued a swimmer in difficulties in the Gulf waters south of Suez. To carry out this brave act he ran bare foot over broken desert ground that lacerated his feet. Less than a week later he died of a virulent strain of poliomyelitis


Trooper K A. Wood 2 D/G 20.06.1955


Guardsman W Betts GG 24.08.1952 Lt E T. Fitzherbert 3rd Battalion 09.03.1952 Lt D L. Gregson 3rd Battalion 09.03.1952 Guardsman L H. Griffiths 3rd Battalion 20.09.1953 Guardsman A. Helewell 2nd Battalion 27.06.1955 L/Sgt J. Johnson 2nd Battalion 27.06.1955 Guardsman R W. Lambert 3rd Battalion 29.09.1953 Guardsman G. Reynolds GG 25.11.1951 Guardsman A N. Smith 3rd Battalion 29.01.1952 Guardsman F. Smith 3rd Battalion 27.01.1952 L/Cpl J G. Stafford 3rd Battalion 02.09.1952


Sgt F. Brown 3rd Battalion 03.01.1952 WO2 HGP. Christer 3rd Battalion 04.01.1952 Sgt F. Copson 2nd Battalion 12.01.1952 Guardsman R W. Lambert CG 29.09.1953 Guardsman J. Oldridge 3rd Battalion 31.12.1951 L/Sgt M. Talbot 3rd Battalion 28.06.1953


Guardsman T. Maguire 1st Battalion 25.04.1952 2nd/Lt, G. Paynter 1st Battalion 14.04.1954 Guardsman H K. Wallace 1st Battalion 18.04.1954


L/Cpl G. Goulding IG 11.04.1955 Guardsman T. Keogh IG 18.09.1955


Guardsman B. Fleming WG 28.09.1954

Forward by WO1 Garrison Sergeant Major W.D.G. Mott OBE, Welsh Guards. Garrison Sergeant Major London District  Since the formation of Welsh Guards Reunited the Website has gone from strength to strength ... Read more Welsh Guards Reunited Or Contact the Webmaster ... Mike Cummins


Pte E A. Williams AAC 18.05.1952


Lt AHB. Acton 2 Para 21.01.1952 Pte A F. Campbell 2 Para 06.01.1953 Pte W J. Cheesebrough 1 Para 21.08.1952 L/Cpl F H. Fannon 2 Para 09.04.1952 Sgt K. Goldsmith 1 Para 27.11.1953 Pte FMJ. Heaphy 2 Para 10.02.1952 Pte F. Jenkins 2 Para 12.07.1953 Pte T O. Johnson 3 Para 03.11.1952 Pte G J. Pike 1 Para 21.08.1952 Pte A. Somerville 3 Para 20.05.1953 Pte J B. Vaux 1 Para 30.05.1954


Gnr K.C. Goodall 8th Oct. 1952 Gnr S.W. Webster 8th Oct 1952

Gnr C.A. Noble 20th Oct 1952

33 Parachute Regiment, RA, The regiment was based in North Camp, Aldershot under Lt Col Guy Fawkes DSO MC RA and was shipped out from Portsmouth on HMS Theseus to Famagusta, Cyprus in August 1956 as part of the 16th Independant Parachute Brigade. WO1 = RSM Honey, WO11 = BSM Tony Heal. Initially we were engaged on internal security duties in Cyprus due to EOKA and later we took part in the Suez invasions. Later we were all shipped back to the UK on the Cunard ship RMS Ascania which was taken out of a scrap-yard for this specific purpose. She took 14 days to get us home whereas HMS Theseus took only 5 days to get from Portsmouth to Famagusta!


Pte R H. Thomson R/Scots 21.10.1954


Sgt G F. Fill RNF 27.04.1953


Pte T E. Booker 1st Battalion 20.07.1955

ROYAL FUSILIERS (City of London Regiment)

Captain W L. Whitbread R/F 10.08.1952


Pte D J. Johnson RNR 09.12.1955


Pte P G. Airey 1st Battalion 12.12.1951 Pte A. Davie 1st Battalion 19.01.1952 Cpl DGB. Severs 1st Battalion 29.09.1951 Pte S. Warboys 1st Battalion 20.01.1952


Pte R. Coulson 1st Battalion 06.10.1953 Pte C M. Perry 1st Battalion 20.03.1953 Pte H. Tharby 1st Battalion 07.02.1954 Pte L C. White 1st Battalion 18.11.1954


Cpl C F. Feltoe G/H 24.03.1954


Fusilier B. Allen 1st Battalion 04.04.1952 Sgt J. Boydell Att 2 Bge 18.09.1951 L/Cpl A E. Eastham 484 1st Battalion 25.01.1952 L/Cpl H. Eastham 787 1st Battalion 25.01.1952 Fusilier J. Hewitt 1st Battalion 03.01.1951 Fusilier J. Lowe 1st Battalion 25.01.1952 L/Cpl J. McKenzie 1st Battalion 27.01.1952


Pte J A. Bell 1st Battalion 13.10.1952 Pte H. Brown 1st Battalion 19.12.1951 Pte R. Downes 1st Battalion 19.04.1954 Pte A H. Goodhall C/R 30.12.1953 Pte ICS. Haylor 1st Battalion 17.05.1952


WO1 M. McCarthy SWB 14.10.1955


L/Cpl Hincliffe 2nd Battalion 09.07.1953 Fusilier K T. Homans 2nd Battalion 26.08.1953 Cpl P. Lyons  1st Battalion 17.06.1952


Pte G. Rawcliffe 1st Battalion 04.06.1952 Pte R. Woodhead ELR 22.08.1952


Pte W. Cresswell ESR 28.07.1953 Pte F. Dullaway ESR 02.02.1954 WO1 G F. Harriott ESR 16.08.1953 Pte T. Salter ESR 16.06.1953


L/Cpl M. Robinson RBR 23.06.1953 Pte H. Tunney RBR 01.03.1952


Major RHC. Lall RSR 15.06.1952 Pte E.Vaughan RSR 29.11.1952


Pte D. Fletcher SSR 05.07.1955

SOUTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT (Prince Of Wales Volunteers)

Pte G. Brennand 1st Battalion 23.07.1953


Pte J. Bomham 1st Battalion 09.08.1951


Captain P H. Field TNR 21.05.1954

ROYAL BERKSHIRE REGIMENT (Princess Charlotte of Wales’s)

Pte BSJ. Marsh RBR 07.12.1951 L/Cpl M E. Price RBR 04.05.1952 Pte A. Pronger RBR 10.12.1951 Bandsman F A. Fry RBR 01.08.1952


Lt W H. Hobson KOYLI 30.01.1952


Pte P. MacLachian 1st Battalion 09.05.1954 Pte G. Mawson 1st battalion 13.11.1954

HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY (City of Glasgow Regiment)

L/Cpl W S. Brookes 1st Battalion 14.06.1953 Pte H. Gavigan HLI 19.11.1953 Pte J. Grant HLI 30.10.1953 Pte FMG. Martin HLI 13.09.1953


Pte D. McIver 1st Battalion 14.01.1952 Major A. Pringle-Paterson 1st Battalion 362 17.01.1952


Flt Sgt R E. Alder RAF 12.01.1953 LA/Craftman B C. Barnard RAF 12.01.1953 Flt/Sgt TMG. Kirkwood RAF 12.01.1953 LA/Craftman VC. Okker RAF 12.01.1953 Flt/Sgt GM. Wilkinson RAF 12.01.1953 Flt/Lt JJB. Ryder RAF 12.01.1953 LA/Craftman DS. Savill RAF 12.01.1953 A/Craftman B. Allen RAF REGT 18.01.1952 A/Craftman C B G. Ashton RAF 02.05.1951 A/Craftman J M. Beard RAF 02.05.1951 Sgt IB. Ross RAF 02.05.1951 Flt/Lt RD. Yandell RAF 02.05.1951 A/V/ Marshall DFW Atcherley (aircraft missing) 07.06.1952 A/Craftman S. Atherton RAF 21.01.1954 A/Craftman H. Batstone RAF 04.06.1953 Sgt R A. Bennett 109.MU.RAF 23.11.1954 Pilot Officer GT. Clarke 109.MU.RAF 11.08.1953 Sen/Tech JB. Ford 109.MU.RAF 04.07.1953 LA/Craftman KJ. Flanaghan 109.MU.RAF 18.07.1953 Wing/Com LP. Gibson 109.MU.RAF 30.12.1954 LA/Craftman AJ. Holme 109.MU.RAF 21.12.1951 A/Craftman DR. Longden 109.MU.RAF 04.06.1954 A/Craftman CR. Pryor 109.MU.RAF 08.07.1953 A/Craftman C. Richards 109.MU.RAF 30.07.1953 Flt/Lt K W. Brimley 216 Squadron RAF 02.04.1954 Sgt TO. Powell 216 Squadron RAF 02.04.1954 Flying Officer B. Sherburn 216 Squadron RAF 02.04.1954 A/Craftman H. Broadbent RAF 06.01.1951 Flying Officer R J. Bromly 107.MU.RAF 01.09.1951 LA/Craftman B. Debonnaire 107.MU RAF 29.03.1953  SA/Craftman R J. Jackson 107.MU.RAF 11.08.1953 Cpl H. Sharp 107.MU.RAF 19.12.1954 Cpl LNR. Turner 107.MU.RAF 13.12.1951 A/Craftman E P. Burkart 128 Squadron 25.05.1951 Sgt C. Burkill RAF 12.01.1953 LA/Craftman CJD. Chadwick RAF 30.12.1951 Pilot Officer PR. Coutts 213 Squadron 11.03.1954 A/Craftman RR. Cox RAF 22.01.1955 LA/Craftman J. Craig RAF 09.01.1952 Sgt JTD. Crombie RAF REGT 30.11.1951 Flying Officer I. Cunningham 219 Squadron RAF 12.02.1952 Sgt MJ. Smethurst 219 Squadron RAF 12.02.1952 A/Craftman KJ. Dabbs RAF 19.09.1952 A/Craftman RD. Dancy RAF 23.05.1954 A/Craftman GW. Dart RAF 26.06.1954 A/Craftman WG. Donnelly RAF 25.09.1954 A/Craftman G. Douglas RAF 14.04.1951 W/Officer P. Flynn RAF 11.11.1952 A/Craftman DF. Godfrey RAF 27.05.1952 A/Craftman RS. Griffin RAF 07.11.1953 Sgt RP. Gringham HQ/MEAF 02.07.1953 Cpl LFH. Hamilton RAF 23.05.1952 Flying Officer ANH. Heap 32 Fighter Squadron 22.10.1951 LA/Craftman LA. Thomas 32 Fighter Squadron 23.07.1953 A/Craftman D. Jackson RAF 28.09.1951 Cpl RG. Johnston RAF 18.08.1951 A/Craftman L. Kavanagh RAF 11.03.1952 SA/Craftman TAW. Kench RAF 07.02.1953 LA/Craftwoman IE. Kimberley WRAF 03.08.1952 Cpl A. Kirk RAF 26.01.1952 A/Craftman CA. Lewis RAF 10.09.1955 LA/Craftman G. Lovett RAF 16.12.1952 A/Craftman JA. Lupton RAF 11.07.1954 A/Craftman JA. Upton RAF 11.07.1954 A/Craftman PG. Mapstone RAF 05.02.1951 A/Craftman AR. May RAF 12.08.1955 Flt/Lt WHS. Mellors RAF 11.03.1953 Cpl JR. Murray RAF 05.02.1953 A/Craftman T. Murray RAF 16.05.1953 Sgt/Pilot A. Murrells RAF Abu Sueir 30.04.1952 A/Craftman WJA. Ogg RAF 08.08.1952 A/Craftman J. O’Toole RAF 19.09.1952 A/Craftman IE. Paddington RAF 18.05.1953 LA/Craftman J. Rankin RAF 15.03.1954 LA/Craftman WB. Roberts RAF 06.01.1952 LA/Craftman D. Robinson RAF 12.04.1952 A/Craftman D. Stainton RAF (Missing) 18.04.1954 Flt/Officer RH. Ross RAF 26.04.1951 Sgt J. Tatham RAF 26.04.1951 A/Craftman J. Shadwell RAF 01.08.1953 A/Craftman JGL. Shrimpton RAF 19.03.1953 Flt/Sgt JE. Smith RAF 21.04.1951 Flying Officer HR. Snelling RAF 18.11.1951 Pilot Officer MS. Spinks 651 Squadron RAF 26.02.1954 LA/Craftman DH. Varney RAF 24.07.1952 LA/Craftman EFJ. Walker RAF 10.07.1951 AC - K. Youngman-Eaton 2 Wks Adn Sqn 76 27.01.1953


Bridget Anne Timbers, known as Sister Anthony 20.01.1952 Sister Anthony was a teacher at St Vincent de Paul College, Ismailia, she was killed in her convent by terrorists after warning the British Forces of an ambush that was to take place on an Army convoy. She was given a full military funeral.

Born in 1900 in New York, USA, to an Irish mother and Canadian father, she was christened Bridget Anne and had the family name of Timbers. read more 

At three o'clock in the afternoon the poor Sister left accompanied by a most respectful and impressive cortege, her coffin surmounted by a machine gun. Two priests in a Military vehicle went in front, the body was carried by eight Officers with the most profound recollection. On the 22nd there was High Mass at the Military camp at nine o'clock, a great crowd including several priests, several Generals etc. The senior Military Chaplain gave a very sincere and true talk. Read more

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