Service of Dedication

Palace Barracks, Holywood

Saturday 7th February 2004.

Foreword from The Chief of the  Defence Staff

General Sir  Michael Walker GCB, CMG, CBE, ADC. 

I was delighted to learn that a tri-service memorial has been erected in what is already an impressive focus for remembering our loved ones and fallen comrades. We owe a dept of gratitude to the Memorial Custodian for his personal commitment to this wonderful and peaceful haven. Without his efforts the ceremony would not be taking place today.

One cannot and should not underestimate the importance of such memorials. As time marches on, with one Century ending and another beginning, they offer us the opportunity to cherish memories and collect our thoughts - a chance to reflect upon the sacrifice made by our loved ones and friends.

This memorial allows us to anchor human sacrifice in an enduring way. It embraces half a century of conflicts in many places. It bears testament to the struggles we have faced in modern times. And as we look to the new Century, this elegant memorial reminds us that we have had, and always will have had the strength and resolve to meet any challenge we are likely to face. It also reminds us that whatever the sacrifice, we will remember.

To Families, Friends and Guests


This memorial garden is a very special place not only for me, but also for all the families, friends and comrades of those servicemen and women who are remembered here. For many here today, there already exists an  indestructible memorial to the family and friend of those men and women  of the armed forces who lost their lives in the many conflicts that have occurred and still occur to this day,  but the memories that they hold dear in their hearts cannot be seen by others. This memorial will be a tangible collection of their memories, It is very important to the families, friends and comrades of those servicemen and women who died, that when we say we will remember then, we mean it.


To Comrades



Our comrades in arms remembered here, live on in our minds and in the memories of those they loved. Their example also signals to coming generations of servicemen and women that much is expected of them. comradeship lies at the very core of our creed as servicemen and women, Comradeship, in its true military sense, implies self-sacrifice. We remember these men and women for their youthfulness, courage and character. For those who knew them, they will always be part of our lives.

"Their names liveth for evermore"


Memorial Custodian.


Comments from those who attended are most welcome:

Dedicated to the Men and Women of the Armed Forces who lost their lives in:




Canal Zone






Oman and Dhofar


Northern Ireland

Falklands Islands



Gulf War 1991

Sierra Leone


Gulf War 2003/6

United Kingdom


"In near and far off lands they paid the supreme sacrifice"