Welsh Guards

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Sgt Philip Price. Aged 27.

Killed in an Explosion at the Oxford Street Bus Station in Belfast. On the 21-07-1972. This day was later called Bloody Friday which saw 22 bombs go off and left 12 dead including William Crothers age 15 and Stephen Parker age 14. Another soldier Driver Stephen Cooper aged 19 (RCT) also died at the Bus Station.

Guardsman David Roberts. Aged 25. Killed in a landmine attack while on foot patrol in Crossmaglen, County Armagh on the 24-11-1973. He was the 200th soldier to die in Northern Ireland

Guardsman Paul Fryer. Aged 18.

Killed as the foot patrol he was part of passed a telegraph pole which had been booby trapped with a bomb at Crossmaglen, County Armagh on the 13-11-1979.