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[ The new layout of the Gardens ]

Important Security Notice

Visiting the Palace Barracks Memorial Garden Any member of the public or families and friends of those Servicemen and Women who lost their lives in all conflicts, who wish to visit the memorial garden must contact the Memorial Custodian by email or letter at least one month in advance of proposed visit with names, addresses, date of birth and telephone numbers of all those who wish to attend, with-out this information, you will not be admitted. To visit the Gardens ... Please Contact the "Memorial Custodian" Memorial Custodian Palace Barracks Holywood. BFPO 806


The memorial stone above is for the soldiers who served with The Parachute Regiment in Northern Ireland, they are Remembered in the gardens inside Palace Barracks.


The memorial stone above is for the soldiers who served with The Parachute Regiment in Falkland Islands, they are Remembered in the gardens inside Palace Barracks.


A quiet corner of a Holywood Army base has become a poignant place of pilgrimage for the bereaved families of the security force personnel killed in the Troubles and other conflicts around the world...

The immaculately kept one-and-half-acre memorial garden  pays tribute to its fallen... please enjoy our website.

This powerful u-tube video started life as a "PowerPoint" presentation ... after you watch it please return to this site by pressing the back button on your browser ... thanks  The Average British Soldier

Below are the conflicts where British soldiers have served and paid the ultimate price for the freedom of others

Northern Ireland

Falklands Islands

Felix Memorial Garden






Oman / Dhofar



North Polar Ice Cap






Czech Republic


United Kingdom


Sierra Leone


Aden / Radfan



Canal Zone 1950-1956



Troopship Lancastria



Remembering our Friends

The foundations for the one-and-half-acre site of the memorial garden in Palace Barracks were laid in 1994. The memorial stones themselves are all made from South Africa granite. The garden and this website is maintained on a voluntary basic. The custodian and webmaster are both former soldiers.

The debt was paid without complaint and when words have fallen silent this memorial and the names on it will continue to speak for all of us

Sandra Willetts, whose husband Sergeant Michael Willetts was awarded the George Cross (Posthumous)

The Memorial Custodian, Palace Barracks, Holywood. BFPO 806

The institution of the award of the Elizabeth Cross, to which Her Majesty The Queen has given her name, was announced in Parliament on 1 July 2009. It is a new national recognition of the loss and sacrifice suffered by the families of those who are killed on operations or as a result of an act of terrorism. The Elizabeth Cross - a sterling silver emblem in the shape of a cross over a wreath. This is the first time the name of a reigning monarch has been given to a new award since the George Cross was instituted in 1940 by King George VI for brave acts by both civilians and the military. Prior to this, the Victoria Cross was introduced by Queen Victoria in 1856 for acts of gallantry by the Armed Forces.

 At the time of the announcement of the Elizabeth Cross, Her Majesty The Queen said: "This seems to me a right and proper way of showing our enduring debt to those who are killed while actively protecting what is most dear to us all. The solemn dignity which we attach to the names of those who have fallen is deeply engrained in our national character. As a people, we accord this ultimate sacrifice the highest honour and respect." The Elizabeth Cross is available to the next of kin of those who have died on medal-earning operations or as a result of terrorism since 1948, including the Korean War, the Falklands conflict and operations in Northern Ireland ... more information here

The Elizabeth Cross is presented with a Memorial Scroll on parchment-style paper, headed with the Royal Coat of Arms and the following words: "This Scroll Commemorates ..... who gave his/her life for Queen and Country on .....". The scroll bears the signature of Her Majesty The Queen in the upper left-hand corner. Families of those Service personnel who have died since 1948 are invited to read the information on the MOD Medal Office website, which includes information on the eligibility criteria and details of how to apply. Information and an application form can also be obtained by calling the Medal Office on 0800 085 3600.

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