Gerard Bristow, 26-years-old, married with 1 child and a soldier with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers holding the rank of Corporal was from Newport, Monmouthshire. CPL. Bristow was shot by the Official IRA from the grounds of St. Columb’s College on Lecky Road in Londonderry. He had been on patrol near Ferguson and Bishop Streets when he was killed.

There several attacks on the army in both Londonderry and Belfast on this day due to the killing of the OIRA’s leader, Joe McCann. CPL. Bristow was attached to his regiment’s 1st Battalion. He and his wife had a 1-year-old son.

Two Londonderry men were, in October 1979, given jail sentences for CPL. Bristow’s murder. A 3rd man was given a 10-year jail sentence after he admitted to manslaughter and a 4th man was acquitted.