CPL. Elliott was abducted on a border road near Newtownhamilton where his body was found. It was said he was being taken to a place for interrogation and was shot when he drew his weapon and fired at his abductors. This claim was rejected by the RUC who said that medical evidence shows that he Cpl. Elliott had been held for a day and a half before being killed.

Cpl. Elliott’s wife was pregnant at the time of his death. A Belfast Telegraph report of 27 April said: “feelings ran high in Rathfriland last night after news of finding the UDR ,man’s body, shot through the head and back and surrounded by a minefield of 6 Claymore devices and a huge 500lb bomb only feet from the body. Youths smashed windows in Roman Catholic premises in the town before they were dispersed by security forces. Tripwires ran from the body to explosives and across the border to a farm building. The booby trap was set so that the bomb would go off if the body was moved”.