Paul Sheppard, 20-years-old, married with 1 child and a soldier with the Royal Artillery was from the Isle of Wight and was serving with the 39th Field Regiment.

Gunner Sheppard was the 1st person that was killed by IRA gunmen who were using a heavy M60 machine gun. The M60 machine gun has the capability of firing 600 shots a minute and had been used in the killings of 8 members of the security forces. Gunner Sheppard was returning to his barracks after being on foot patrol duty when he was hit in the chest on Cliftonpark Avenue.

Gunner Sheppard was hit by a number of shots from the M60 which police said fired 41 shots in 3 seconds. A witness said: “I had just passed some soldiers in Manor Street. Suddenly there was a burst of gunfire and the bullets were bouncing off the walls”. Gunner Sheppard was given a full military funeral in Wootton on the Isle of Wight.