Lieutenant Steven Kirby. Aged 22. Shot dead by a sniper while on foot patrol in Abercorn Road, Londonderry on the 14-02-1979.

Lt Kirby was on duty at the checkpoint at the junction of Abercorn Road and Wapping Lane, overlooking the bridge. He was struck in the chest by a single round and died shortly afterwards at Altnagelvin Hospital.

He was cremated after a service at his home town of Northumberland Heath, Erith, Kent.

Four youths were charged with his murder in March 1979 and were unusually granted bail. They returned for their trial in October 1980 and bail was continued against the protests of the prosecution, who said they would file an objection the next day. All four failed to answer bail.
In December 1998 all charges against them were dropped and they returned to Londonderry, claiming they had been forced to live in exile for twenty years.
(excerpt from ‘Lost Lives’)