Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel

Memorial | 27.5.2011

When the thunder of the guns was finally stilled in and around the Falkland Islands on 14th June 1982, 258 families were left to count the terrible cost. They had lost sons, fathers and husbands in the fierce actions fought at sea, on land, and in the air.

The Falkland Islands Memorial Chapel, located in the south of England has been built in their memory.

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Welsh Guards Reunited

Military Forum | 23.2.2011

Since the formation of Welsh Guards Reunited the Website has gone from strength to strength. Welsh Guards Reunited is now the recognised contact point for all Welsh Guardsmen past and present and boasts over 2,600 Registered Members across the Globe.

So if you are looking for old friends that you served with, the site can offer all member groups the ability to search member lists, and best of all every section of the site is totally FREE of charge!

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Daniel's Trust

Support | 13.1.2011

In May 2005 'daniels trust' was launched by Lynn Farr and Norma Langford in memory of their sons and other young soldiers who had died while in service to their Country, and also in response from requests received by Lynn from serving men and women who needed help and support because they were experiencing difficulties whilst serving.

Over the last six years 'daniels trust has campaigned against bullying in the armed forces and has been successful in aiding many young service men and women in resolving the problems they were suffering. We can offer experience and confidentiality in supporting and helping anyone who is suffering from being bullied in the armed forces.

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Military Families Support Group

Support | 14.4.2011

The Aim Of The Web Site Is To Provide Emotional And Practical Support To All Those Families Who Have Lost Loved Ones Serving In The Armed Forces Whether It Is Through The Consequences Of War And Military Conflict, Illness, Suicide Or A Tragic Accident During The Course Of Normal Duties Wherever And Whenever It Happens. We Are Also Here To Be Able To Talk To Serving Soldiers And Their Families In Confidence If They Just Want Someone To Talk To, Or Point Them In The Right Direction For Any Other Help And Assistance That They Might Need.

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