This is the Marble Stone I designed,had cut to size, polished and engraved in Northern Ireland for the South Atlantic Medal Association 1982.The Royal Air Force kindly flew it out of RAF Aldergrove to RAF Brize Norton where the Army collected and transported it to Aldershot. It was then laid and dedicated  at the Parachute Regiment plot in the Aldershot Military Cemetery in Hampshire. The stone is a  South African black polished granite.It was mined just north of Cape Town in South Africa. It was then transported by ship from South Africa to Holland and then on to Warrenpoint in Northern Ireland. It was then cut  and polished to size and  collected by the  stone mason who then engraved it .It was  then collected by myself and transported to RAF Aldergrove. The two landmarks mentioned here are etched into the history of the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces.

Falklands Stone Aldershot-Military-Cemetery