Killed by the IRA when their mobile patrol came under gun and bomb attack. More than 40 shots had been fired at their 2-man patrol and at the same time, the IRA threw a blast bomb from a house across the road.

A 3rd soldier was seriously injured and other soldiers had returned fire but it is believed that none of the gunmen were injured. The inquest was told that Guardsman Shaw was in the 2nd vehicle which had been hit 14 times and Guardsman Pearson had been in the 1st vehicle which had been hit 6 times.

Two Belfast men were jailed in 1979 after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of Guardsmen Shaw and Pearson. The court was also told that when the attack took place, all 3 were schoolboys ranging from 13 to 15 years of age and were in the Fianna, the junior wing of the IRA. It was said the schoolboys were acting as scouts for the IRA gunmen.