Northern Ireland

Operation Banner

Operation Banner was the operational name for the British Armed Forces’ operation in Northern Ireland from August 1969 to July 2007. It was initially deployed at the request of the unionist government of Northern Ireland to support the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC).

After the 1998 Belfast Agreement, the operation was gradually scaled down. Its role was to assert the authority of the government of the United Kingdom in Northern Ireland.

Pte Steven Smith

The bombing of the Droppin' Well bar in Ballykelly was described by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as "One of the most horrific crimes in Ulster's tragic history". Eleven soldiers and six civilians were killed when a bomb exploded during a disco in the pub....

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Sgt Brian Brown

Sergeant Brian Michael Brown, 2 PARA, was killed by an IRA bomb near a border Army post at Forkhill, South Armagh, Northern Ireland on 9 August 1980. The following information appeared in the Portsmouth News 13...

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Private Henry Livingstone

Ambushed by IRA gunmen as he fed cattle. His body was found in the field and had been hit eight times, six shots fired into his body as he lay on the ground. His neighbour Thomas Armstrong, a serving UDR soldier was shot dead the previous Good Friday. Henry lived with...

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Colonel Mark Coe

Off duty British Army (BA) officer. Shot outside his home, Bielefeld, West Germany.

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Capt Paul Rogers

Shot by sniper while on British Army (BA) mobile patrol, Falls Road, Belfast. An ex UDR officer, he was shot by terrorists whilst travelling aboard a landrover returning from visiting a wounded soldier in the Royal Victoria Hospital on the Falls Road,...

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Lieutenant Steven Kirby

Lieutenant Steven Kirby. Aged 22. Shot dead by a sniper while on foot patrol in Abercorn Road, Londonderry on the 14-02-1979. Lt Kirby was on duty at the checkpoint at the junction of Abercorn Road and Wapping Lane, overlooking the bridge. He was struck in the chest...

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Cpl Roger David Adcock

Cpl Roger David Adcock aged 25 was a soldier serving with the Parachute Regiment.He successfully completed a course with the Army Air Corps and was posted to Northern Ireland. The helicopter he was crewing went missing and was found days later in one of the many lochs...

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Pte Jack Fisher

Private Jack Fisher, from Hartlepool, served with A Company, The 1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment (1 PARA). He was killed in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack while serving in Northern Ireland, close to the border town of Crossmaglen at the end of a...

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Rfn Nicholas Smith

Aged 20. (2 R.G.J.). Killed by a booby-trapped bomb while attempting to remove an Irish Flag off a telegraph pole in Crossmaglen, Co Armagh on the 04.03.1978.

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Trooper James Nowosad

Trooper James Nowosad. Aged 21. Gunmen posing as students collecting for charity on the Students Rag day in Belfast Shot dead Mrs Norma Spence a civilian searcher and Trooper Nowosad as they both manned a pedestrian checkpoint in Donnegal Street, Belfast on the...

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Gnr Paul Sheppard

Paul Sheppard, 20-years-old, married with 1 child and a soldier with the Royal Artillery was from the Isle of Wight and was serving with the 39th Field Regiment. Gunner Sheppard was the 1st person that was killed by IRA gunmen who were using a heavy M60 machine gun....

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Lt Col Iain Corden-Lloyd OBE MC

Corden-Lloyd’s battalion was deployed to Northern Ireland in December 1977, at a time when hostilities in the province were at their peak. A few days after their arrival, his troops suffered their first casualties and regular engagements with the Provisional IRA...

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Private Lewis Harrison

Private Lewis Harrison (Lou) A Coy 3LI Shot by sniper while standing outside Henry Taggart British Army base, Springfield Road,Ballymurphy, Belfast.

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Sgt William Edgar

While home on leave in Londonderry from his unit he was abducted and executed by the IRA and his body was found dumped in the City Cemetery near Creggan in Londonderry.

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Private John Reid

Ambushed by the IRA and shot as he went to feed cattle on his farm. His body was taken five and a half miles away and left just 18 feet on the Northern side of the border at Annaghmore Bridge. He had moved into Caledon 15 months earlier after a booby trap bomb...

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Major Peter Hill

Shot by IRA gunmen as he returned from his civilian work in a furniture and drapery firm in the city. He formerly served in the North Irish Horse (TA). 68th UDR member and 7th officer to be killed.

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Thomas Graham Fenton

Died: 22nd July 1977 Officer Fenton was a member of the Northern Ireland Prison Service from October 1976 until 22 July 1977 when he was shot dead by the IRA while having a drink in Molloys bar. Ballymoney. Co Antrim he was off duty when he was murdered.

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Sgt David Evans

21st July 1976. Killed by booby trap bomb left inside Ebrington British Army base, Waterside, Londonderry.

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