Sergeant Alistair Slater, MM (25 July 1956 – 2 December 1984), was a British Army soldier who served in B Squadron, Air (7) Troop, 22 Special Air Service (SAS), who was killed on 2 December 1984 while on operations against the Provisional Irish Republican Army in Kesh, a village in County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland.

The operation led to the deaths of Antoine Mac Giolla Bhrighde and Kieran Fleming and the arrest of the other two members of the four man unit. The IRA men had been attempting to attack an RUC police car with a land mine. Slater was posthumously awarded the Military Medal for his role in the action.

Prior to joining the SAS, Al Slater was a member of 1 Para. He appeared in the 1982 British TV documentary The Paras as one of the instructors of a group of Parachute Regiment recruits undertaking their basic training. The programme began filming just prior to the Falklands War.

Slater was one of four SAS soldiers to be killed during The Troubles.