Bernard Fearns, 34-years-old, married with 3 children and a soldier with 4th Light Regiment holding the rank of Sergeant was shot by an IRA sniper in an ambush in the New Lodge Area. Sgt Fearns was on foot patrol near the junction of Edlingham and Hillman Streets. Just before the ambush, people suddenly cleared the street.

The inquest was told by a member of the sergeant’s patrol that “everyone just vanished from sight”. He said he then heard a shot and looked behind him and saw Sgt Fearns drop his rifle, put his hands on his stomach and fall to the ground. The ambush came from a short distance away in an entry between Spamount and Stratheden Streets. Sgt Fearns was hit twice in the stomach.

Sgt Fearns was attached to the 4th Light Regiment of the Royal Artillery. He was from Catterick in Yorkshire. His oldest son was 15-years-old.