Killed by booby trap bomb hidden in parcel, left at the side of the road, while on British Army (BA) foot patrol, Moybane, near Crossmaglen, County Armagh.

A bomb disposal expert, he died when a parcel left by the roadside at Moybane near Crossmaglen exploded. A soldier told the inquest that he and two other soldiers were checking devices in fields following a series of bomb explosions in the area the previous day.

He said they found a length of wire which they traced across two fields to the side of the road. There they saw a sod of earth of a different colour to the rest of the grass. The staff sergeant lifted one corner of the sod and saw a neat white package.

He replaced it and they all walked away for about six yards. S/Sgt Brammah returned, went down on both knees and lifted another corner of the sod. There was then an explosion that killed him instantly. Less than two hours after, around six gunmen fired between 500 and 600 shots across the border at troops.