Palace Barracks Memorial Garden was designed and started by myself 19 years ago. I have maintained it as a place of remembrance, on a voluntary basis, since then. I also conduct power point presentations on the memorials and the different conflicts that have happened through out the last fifty years. I also conduct guided tours of the memorial gardens to associations, families and comrades of those who died while in service .Most of the work I do consists of keeping the memorials in the garden in peak condition by repainting the memorial stones,power washing paths. grass cutting etc . I do it for the bereaved families and friends of those men and women of our Armed Forces. My purpose is solely to ensure they are not forgotten.

I also designed the 16 Air Assault Brigade Memorial Garden in Colchester,the 1 Para SFSG Memorial Gardens in Wales and the 321 EOD Memorial Northern Ireland ,as well as countless other memorials.The website contains the names of 9,575 Servicemen and Women who are remembered with pride and honour in the Memorial Gardens and on my memorial garden website as well as pages on facebook.

The Tri-Services Memorial at Palace Barracks

I designed this memorial stone for the memorial garden at Palace Barracks. I thought it was time to have a memorial that would remember all those men and Women who had served in the Armed Forces and died in different conflicts and wars around the World ever since the End of the Second World War in 1945.The main polished granite stone was mined in the West Coast of South Africa,  North of Durban, as is every other stone we have  laid in the memorial garden.  It was then brought in blocks weighing 10 tons from South Africa to Holland by Sea. Its journey then continues on to Warren point in Northern Ireland, where the different quarries who had ordered the blocks of granite collect them.  The Stonemason orders the size and shape of granite he requires, it’s then cut and polished. It is then that the Stone mason starts to engrave and add any badges to the stone and plinth after this process it is then erected at the Cemetery or in my case the memorial garden at Palace Barracks.

This memorial stone  has been engraved on both sides. It has the Royal Navy, Army and the Royal Air Force badges as the main theme while underneath we have all the conflicts the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom  have been involved in since 1945. When the stone was dedicated over a 1000 people attended the ceremony.

Albert D.Owens MBE
Memorial Custodian